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If I Don’t At Least TRY – Motivation Video

Looking to take ACTION on the ideas in this video? Keep yourself accountable for the first 66 days of a new morning routine of positive habits—like meditation, fat loss, nutrition, hitting the gym, and fitness—with these amazing daily journals by Habit Nest. Click these links to find out more: Morning Sidekick Journal – Nutrition […]

Run at Top Speed with Eric Hitt

Eric Hitt is a motivator whom I first met as we were standing in line next to each other at a concession stand for an event where Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Robert Herjavec were all speaking. Eric and I went from randomly meeting each other to now collaborating on amazing content! Watch this video […]

Are You Open to Being Wrong?

It was not that long ago that people generally thought the earth was flat, that it was impossible for human beings to fly, or that it was impossible for a human to run a sub-4-minute mile.   Throughout history, we have constantly proved ourselves wrong over and over again.   My question for you is: […]

Why NEVER to Pursue a Goal for Your Ego

Ego. Never before in the history of the human race has it been easier for a human being to build up their ego. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube give each person a platform to get attention, likes, approval, validation, encouragement, followers, subscribers, and fans. It is easier now than it has […]

Will Smith – Is It Right? Is It True? FULL SPEECH

Will Smith came back again with some POWERFUL advice last week on Instagram about decision making. Will suggests that people should make their decisions based on what is right and what is true, rather than their likes and dislikes. I agree with this so much! Most of the time, you are NOT going to 100% […]

Greatness Is Our Default State of Mind – Video

Looking to take ACTION on the ideas in this video? Keep yourself accountable for the first 66 days of establishing amazing new habits—like doing a morning routine, meditation, fat loss, nutrition, and fitness—with these awesome daily journals by Habit Nest. Click these links to find out more: This video is about changing that human […]

The Only Guarantee – Motivation for 2019

In life, very few things are absolutely guaranteed. The Only Guarantee that you will overcome that struggle you’re going through is YOU: your effort, your energy your drive, your tenacity, and your refusal to give up.So show up. Every single day. And be the guarantee.  Spoken and edited by: Bo Muchoki(@BoMuchoki on Twitter & Instagram) […]

The BEST Morning Motivation Journal for Results!

Starting the day with an AWESOME morning routine has always been a secret of the super-happy and the super-successful.   Ever wanted to create a kick-ass morning routine that helps you dominate your day? Ever struggled to follow through with healthy morning habits?   Look no further!   The Habit Nest Morning SideKick Journal will […]

Will Smith’s Definition of Love – Speech

Will Smith has been motivating the masses a lot this year. And he is back at it AGAIN in December with a speech about his definition of what Love really is and what Love really means. As always, it is spot-on, truthful, moving, inspiring, and real. Watch the full speech here! And you read the […]

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