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Turn Your Pain Into Gain – Motivational Video Ft. Preston Smiles

Speaker: Preston Smiles #LovesVoice (@PrestonSmiles on Instagram & Twitter)   Visuals edited by Bo Muchoki (@BoMuchoki on Instagram & Twitter)   “Sometimes we are taken into troubled waters, not to drown, but to be cleansed.” -Preston Smiles   “Out of my greatest pain, came my greatest gain.” -Preston Smiles   “The breakdown holds a breakthrough.” […]

Develop Your Gifts 2019 – Motivational Video

In this video Les Brown, Steve Harvey, and Tony Robbins give you the inspiration you need to find, develop, and use your gifts! Each and every one of us came into this world with unique and valuable gifts. Finding and using your gifts can give you meaning, fulfillment, and great success! Speakers: Les Brown Steve […]

Greatness Is Our Natural State – Motivational Video

Greatness isn’t a luxury reserved for the lucky few among us. Greatness Is Our Natural State that we come into the world with as children. Becoming great is less about trying to be somebody else and more about reconnecting with who you truly are, getting back in touch with your own true nature. Speakers: Robin […]

It’s Go Season – Motivational Video with Tyrese Gibson

Watch this video to hear Tyrese Gibson’s thoughts and insights on overcoming your excuses to take action and take your life to the next level! It’s Go Season! All of 2019 is Go Season. Hope this gives you all the motivation you need to make some positive changes and huge progress in your lives this […]

Why You MUST Read “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read—one of my all-time favorites. Phil Knight is the founder of the global footwear and athletic gear company Nike, a brand worth tens of billions of dollars with an instantly recognizable logo and slogan that we are all very familiar with. Before […]

Live an EPIC Freaking Life with Rachele Brooke Smith – Motivation for 2019

Rachele Brooke Smith is a motivator, YouTuber, dancer, actress, and philanthropist. Her energy is always electric and she was really on FIRE with this one. This speech is about realizing that your life is a miracle. So make the most of it! Do NOT waste the gift, the opportunity, the blessing, and the miracle of […]

Find Beauty In Your Pain with Preston Smiles

Watch this video to hear motivator and content creator Preston Smiles talk about finding the beauty in your pain, finding the silver lining in your struggle, and turning your break-down into a breakthrough. Preston is one of the most authentic & best motivators out there right now, make sure to give him a follow when […]

Will Smith – Effortless Manifestation 2019 Speech

Will Smith dropped another powerful & insightful speech on Instagram on April 11th 2019. So I wanted to share that with you all on YouTube & Facebook. This one is about Effortless Manifestation, about trusting and surrendering to what that the universe has in store for you, as opposed to trying to impose your will […]

Nipsey Hussle – AMAZING Advice on Success

Nipsey Hussle was a rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and change-maker who tragically died on March 31st of 2019. These are two of Nipsey’s most inspiring moments that I have stumbled across in the past few weeks since he passed. The first clip is from an interview he did on The Raw Word, a show hosted by […]

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