September 15, 2015 Why Self-Improvement Matters More Than Money Or Accolades

Why Self-Improvement Matters More Than Money Or Accolades

To earn a million dollars, you have to be worth a million dollars. To pocket a billion dollars, you have to be worth a billion dollars. To make a fortune, you have to develop yourself into the type of person that is worth a fortune.

Wealth and accolades are the results of success. Self-improvement is the vehicle that takes you there.

When we visualize success, we tend to picture all of the material trappings of a successful life: big bank accounts, exotic cars, mansions, yachts, and private jets. We tend to visualize the results of success and overlook the process of self-improvement necessary to get there.

That tendency is a mistake. Because in the end, self-improvement is all that matters.

Self-improvement is the vehicle that pushes the great achievers of our world—the Sean “Puffy” Combs’, the Shawn “Jay-z” Carters, the Steve Jobs’, The J.K. Rowlings’—through endless hours of work, defeats, and setbacks to connecting with success, wealth, accolades, and mastery on the other side.

Intent is what gets you started on the path to greatness. Self-improvement is the vehicle that takes you there.

Self-improvement Matters More Than Money Or Accolades ever will. It’s the principle that makes super-success possible. Because more often than not, the great ones usually start their careers with an endless dedication to bettering themselves.

But making your own dedication to self-improvement is not an easy step to take. Because we live in a culture of that glorifies results instead of processes. We gravitate to goals—like earning a diploma, landing a job, earning a promotion, winning an award, buying a house, or earning six figures—that end with specific results. We have all of these goals that we work on to achieve specific outcomes.

But how often do you spend time working on yourself? How often do you work—not for the sake of earning money, not for the sake of paying bills or making ends meet, not for the sake of advancement—purely for the sake of improving yourself? How often do you read, study, or work purely for that sense of growth, fulfillment, accomplishment you’ll get from knowing that you’ve improved—that you’ve made progress from your previous self?

To earn your spot with the greats, you have to begin with a starting point of embracing a philosophy of lifelong self-improvement—a pursuit that never ends. You have to embrace a constant dedication to bettering yourself, purely for the sake of getting better.

Because when you prioritize self-improvement over wealth, accolades, fame, power, or status, you won’t be stuck in an endless loop of chasing after money. You will be enjoying a fulfilling journey of developing yourself into someone who is worth lots of money.

If you want to be a millionaire, the best approach you can take is starting with an endless desire to discover, grow, develop, and improve yourself. Don’t focus too hard on the money. Focus on bettering yourself, correcting weaknesses, overcoming failures, and going deeper into your path of self-discovery. Focus on becoming the strongest and best version of yourself.

Don’t pressure yourself to earn one million dollars. Embrace a slow and steady effort of becoming the type of person that is worth one million dollars.

Read all the books that you can possibly get your hands on. Attend seminars. Go to conferences. Connect like-minded souls that are also on a path. Learn as much as possible. Gain as many skills as you can.

Embrace the process. Accept the journey. And fall in love with self-improvement.

The growth, accomplishment, fulfillment, money and accolades that you gain from bettering yourself will be better than anything you could’ve imagined.