September 26, 2015 4 Ways To Find Your Purpose

4 Ways To Find Your Purpose

“The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose” –Robert Byrne

1) Ask Yourself: What Can I Give To Others?

As we take off on our individuals journeys to success, accomplishment, and living our dreams, we often get caught up in the pursuit of wealth, status, fame, glamour, and glory. But to connect with your true Purpose, you have to pull yourself away from those seductive rewards of wealth, power, popularity, and worldly success. You have to stop asking what can others do for me and start asking: What Can I Give To Others?

To connect with that sense of meaning, purpose, and significance that we’re all looking for, you have to pull yourself away from those mainstream definitions of success and focus on giving. Ask yourself: What Can I Give To Others? What work, idea, product, service, or solution can I give from myself that will benefit the world, society, humanity, or even just one person in a positive way? What need or problem in my community can I personally contribute to solving? How can I help humanity?

Because Purpose is about more than earning wealth, advancing your status, or becoming famous. It’s about connecting with a cause worth fighting for—a cause worth getting up early for and staying up late for—and using your passions and talents to fight for what you believe in.

2) Use Your Talents To Serve Others

Even though many people spend their entire lives without ever fully exploring their talents, we all come into the world with natural abilities waiting to be used, expressed, and released into the universe. Fully discovering, exploring, and expressing your natural talents is a vital piece of what it means to connect with your Purpose.

Everything happens for a reason. Every circumstance, place, person, idea, or skill that shows up in our lives takes place for a reason. So exploring your talents is super important because God, destiny, karma, the universe or whatever higher power you believe in awarded those specific talents to you for a reason—for a Purpose. 

So if you have a particular talent, ability, skill, or even just a feeling that you might be good at a certain craft, don’t hesitate to explore it and express it to its fullest potential.

Unfortunately, your greatest talent may not be your greatest source of income at the present moment. But even though if isn’t paying your bills yet, make sure to hold on to that talent, nurture, explore it, use it to help others, and take it as far as you possibly go with it.

Because expressing your natural talents is key to connecting with your Purpose.

3) Follow Your Passion

Have you ever felt a strong sensation of passion, excitement, joy, fulfillment, or love come over you while working on a particular craft? If so, you have already connected with your passion.

Like your greatest talent, your passion may not be your greatest source of income right now. But be sure to hold on to it, stick with it, and make as much time for it as possible.

Because passion is the master-key that unlocks the pathway to your Purpose.

If you feel a sensation of pure fulfillment, happiness, joy, love, or ecstasy while working on or completing a project, that activity–whether it’s paying your bills or not—is what you’re best-suited for. That career is your destiny—a craft that you can spend thousands of hours working on and feel fulfilled the whole way through.

So do you know what your passion is? Is there a particular type of work that gets you excited to wake up in the morning? Do lose track of time while doing a certain activity because you enjoy it so much? Is there any craft you participate in on a regular basis purely for the sake of doing it because you love it?

Make sure to hold on it, make time for it, use it to serve other people, use it to fight for what you believe in, and allow it to guide you to your Purpose.

4) Find Purpose Through Your Pain

Out of everything that takes place in our lives, pain shapes us more than anything else. Pain can either destroy us or shape us into stronger, more resilient, more purposeful, more passionate, and more beautiful versions of ourselves.

When you’re caught in the darkness of a painful situation, you have to keep in mind that —like everything else in our lives—pain takes place for a reason. Pain comes into our lives to wake us up—to connect us with a stronger, more purposeful version of ourselves.

In a recent Vlog post titled “Pain Vs. Suffering,” motivational speaker Ashley Zahabian—the YouTuber behind a popular video called “Pain Is Your Best Friend”—explains that “pain is a constant in life that we can never run away from. It’s put there for a reason. We’re supposed to endure pain. We’re supposed to grow from our pain. . . . We are supposed to find purpose. And within pain you can find purpose.”

So when misfortune takes over your life, try not to think of your pain as a curse or a disaster that you have to suffer through. Keep in mind that “Pain Is Your Best Friend.” Try to think of your pain as an opportunity—an opportunity to connect with God’s, life’s, destiny’s, or the universe’s greater Purpose for your life.

Be grateful for your pain. Allow it to guide you to that craft, that career, that calling, that Purpose that you were born for.