October 1, 2015 Why Living Your Dreams Is A MUST, Not A Luxury

Why Living Your Dreams Is A MUST, Not A Luxury

So often, we get caught in a thought-process of believing that living your dreams is a luxury reserved for the actors, actresses, pop singers, entertainers, professional athletes, politicians, and entrepreneurs—a special select few out of the many. We get caught in this mentality of not taking the necessary actions to manifest our visions because we neglect to understand just how important our dreams really are.

We all have dreams, ambitions, visions, and plans for inventions, companies, books, movies, careers, and contributions that we one day want to manifest into reality. It’s a commonality that we all share.

Dreams are what make us human. And more than anything else, dreams give us that sense of aliveness, excitement, and passion that we’re all searching for.

But tragically, it’s an experience that not many enjoy. A recent poll conducted by Gallup in 2014 reveals that the grand majority of us—68.5 percent of United States employees—are disengaged at work. Too many people are disengaged, cut off from their passion, disconnected from their purpose, and separated from their dreams.

With 7 billion of us competing to get ahead, succeed, and make a name for ourselves, it’s easy to feel that living your dreams isn’t important—that making your visions reality isn’t a necessity.

But the truth is, Living Your Dreams Is A Must, Not A Luxury.

 And here’s why:

You Are Unique. If You Don’t Realize Your Vision, Nobody Else Will

You are unique. You are the end-result of a unique set of circumstances, events, and situations that have never occurred before and will never occur again: the era that you were born into, the genes your family passed on to you, the parents who raised you, the locations where you spent your childhood, the schools you attended, the friends you connected with, the relationships you took part in, the occupations you clocked into, the experiences that shaped you, the situations that you’ve been through, the thoughts in your mind, the visions in your imagination, and the dreams that you one day want to realize.

All of these circumstances and more make you unique. That uniqueness makes you who you are. And it makes your dreams—even if you haven’t acted on them yet—very valuable to society, the universe, and the rest of the human race.

With seven billion people all working to get ahead, make a name for ourselves, and take our place in the world, it’s easy to forget how unique you are. It’s easy to forget how original and important your visions are to the human race.

It’s easy to believe that giving up on that accomplishment you’re envisioning in your imagination doesn’t affect anyone else. But giving up on your ambition does affect people. It’s a missed opportunity for all of us.

It’s possible that dream that you’re holding in your mind—that vision of the life you truly want to lead and the gifts that you want to release into the world—could guide you down a path that ends with changing, transforming, or saving hundreds, thousands, or even millions of lives one day.

It’s possible that the minds with the potential to cure for Cancer, HIV, or Diabetes are already out there somewhere. But the people who hold that potential haven’t taken the first steps, don’t see the value in pursuing their dreams, or don’t recognize the uniqueness of their visions.

That’s why Living Your Dreams Is A Must, Not A Luxury. Because that vision that you’re holding in your mind is unique. It’s yours and yours alone. And if you don’t dedicate the time, effort, passion, attention, energy, and work necessary to make it happen, nobody else will.

According to The Population Reference Bureau, approximately 108 billion human beings have ever lived since the dawn of the human race. Out of all of those 108 human beings that have ever walked this earth, there has only been one you.

So when you’re time here is finished, all of those plans, ideas, fantasies, ambitions, dreams, and visions that you haven’t acted on—all of those gifts that you’re holding back—will never come to fruition.

You only have so many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades to manifest your dreams into reality. Once that time is up, you can never get it back. And no one will ever be able to step in and complete what you left unfinished.

When your life comes to an end, will you be able to say that you lived your dreams, finished what you started, transformed your deepest desires into reality, and contributed something to the universe that won’t be forgotten? Or will you feel the regret of wondering what you could of accomplished when you still had time?

The choice is yours.

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