October 22, 2015 5 Reasons You Should Write A Gratitude List Every Day

5 Reasons You Should Write A Gratitude List Every Day

Have you ever thought about making a habit of using five or ten minutes out of your day to write down a list of people and situations in your life that you feel grateful for?

Sounds simple right?

As basic as it is, gratitude-listing is one of the most powerful ways that there is to generate more positive experiences and outcomes in your life.

Setting aside five to ten minutes out of your day or night on an everyday-basis to write out five or more situations, people, events, circumstances, and opportunities of your life that you feel grateful for is not only a proven way to boost your happiness, but can also offer you an optimistic outlook on your world, a deeper appreciation for life, healthier relationships, and success through painful setbacks.

Here are 5 Reasons that you should put some serious thought into writing a gratitude list every day:

5 Reasons You Should Write A Gratitude List Every Day

1#: More Happiness

All of the worst emotions of the mind—anxiety, stress, depression, and sadness—originate from ungratefulness. All of the negative emotions that take a toll on us, make us feel down and out, and shave years off of our lives stem from a lack of appreciation for who you are, where you are, who you’re with, and what’s taking place in your life.

So it makes perfect sense that gratitude—the exact opposite of ungratefulness—is the ultimate happiness-booster. Nothing could ever be a better medicine for your happiness than gratitude: a sense of appreciation for the circumstances, events, situations, people, and places that make up your life.

Are you currently depressed? Anxious? Sad? Pessimistic? Feeling down and out? Losing hope? Do you feel like giving up?

If so—if you are feeling down and out—the good news is: you do not have to depend on drugs, alcohol, attention from the opposite sex, prescription medication, or expensive therapy lessons to create that immediate happiness-boost that you’re looking for.

All you need to do to feel happier is practice gratitude.

It’s that simple.

Practicing gratitude is a scientifically-proven way of adding more happiness into your life.

You don’t have to resort to unhealthy habits, expensive medications, or talk-therapy to feel happier.

Just whip out a pen and paper, a laptop, or a mobile device and write a list of between five to ten situations, events, people, or places in your life that you feel grateful for.

When you’re done, you’ll have the clarity to see that the situation that you felt anxious, depressed, sad, or stressed about is actually insignificant. Because you will realize that you’ve got way too much going for you to be caught in a depression.

Writing your daily gratitude list will open your eyes to the fact that no matter how bad it might seem, you’re way too blessed to be stressed.

2#: Boosted Optimism And Positive Mindset


So often, we get caught in the mistake of thinking that optimistic, happy-go-lucky, upbeat and positive-thinking people are born that way—that you’re either born optimistic or pessimistic and switching sides isn’t an option.

But the truth is, optimism is an acquired mindset. A positive mentality isn’t a trait that you’re born with. It’s a mindset that you embrace as you journey through life’s ups and downs.

One of the most powerful ways to become optimistic—to acquire a positive, upbeat, and happy-go-lucky outlook on life—is through writing a daily gratitude list. Because a deep feeling of gratitude is the foundation for optimism, positive vibes, and upbeat thoughts.

The pessimist is always ruminating and agonizing over situations in the past, present, or future that he or she regrets or doesn’t appreciate. The optimist on the other hand, is eternally grateful—constantly scanning through his or her life searching for situations to give thanks and feel grateful for.

It doesn’t matter how bad it might seem. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve considered yourself a pessimist. It’s never too late to embrace an optimistic, upbeat, and happy-go-lucky outlook on your life.

Set aside some time out of your day to write out a list of between five and ten things that you feel grateful for. Doing so will train your brain to view your life-situations, environments, and surroundings in a positive light.

Writing your daily gratitude list will train you into an optimist.

3#: Deeper Appreciation For Your Life

The materialistic, consumer-driven, and money-motivated society that we live in constantly blasts our brains with advertisements, entertainment, and messages to convince us into thinking we aren’t enough—that our lives aren’t perfect and we need to earn more or purchase more products to increase our worth.

We live in a world where reality TV shows about the rich, famous, and the glamorous; popular music about wealth, excess, and opulence; and celebrities that are famous for the sake of being famous are the normal.

With so much spotlight on material wealth and lavish lifestyles, it’s easy to feel like your life isn’t enough. And it can be a struggle to appreciate who you are, what you’re doing, and what you have because society is constantly brainwashing us to feel like we need more.

But fortunately, there is a simple way to snap that cycle of ungratefulness and develop a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for who you are: write a daily gratitude list.

Pick out five or more situations, events, places, and people in your life that you feel grateful for. And write them down.

In the end, you’ll see that even though society wants you to feel like you aren’t enough, you’re perfectly fine with what you own, where you are, how you look, what you’re going through, and who you are.

Gratitude-listing will open your eyes to the fact that you are enough. And no commercial or reality show will ever be able to convince you otherwise.

4#: Better Relationships

According to this Psychology Today article titled “The Benefits of Adding Gratitude to Your Attitude,” research has shown that gratitude promotes healthy relationships and can make you more attractive to others.

That’s right. Gratitude can not only offer you happiness, optimism, and a deeper sense of appreciation for your life, but can also offer you happier, healthier, and more loving relationships with others.

Gratitude can make you more attractive to others because it is a necessary ingredient in long-lasting healthy relationships. In order for an ongoing relationship—whether romantic, friendly, or workplace—to work, there has to be mutual feelings of appreciation from both parties.

The daily practice of gratitude can promote healthy relationships. And it can also play a part in fixing relationships that are struggling.

Because as you set aside some time out of your schedule to jot down at least five things to appreciate, you may be surprised to find that the person you’re been arguing or beefing with the most is actually one of your top items to feel grateful for.

5#: Success And Resilience Through Obstacles, Setbacks, And Pain

My last reason You Should Write A Gratitude List Every Day is success. Embracing an attitude of gratitude will not only make you more successful, but can also help you bounce back from painful setbacks with grace and resilience.

Gratitude will make you more successful because grateful people are happy, positive, optimistic, upbeat, and forward-thinking—all necessary characteristics for success.

Grateful people have a tendency of succeeding more often because instead of ruminating about how bad, tragic, or horrible their lives are, they embrace a sense of gratitude for every situation that takes place and find the courage to move forward—even when things aren’t going their way.

And when successful people fall down, gratitude is the parachute that helps them land on their feet. When they struggle with failure, misfortune, obstacles, and setbacks on their journeys to achievement, finding ways to feel grateful for their pain allows them to bounce back from their problems with grace and resilience.

So if more happiness, more optimism, deeper appreciation for life, better relationships, more success, and resilience through pain are all life-qualities that you would like to embrace, gratitude-listing is for you.

Set aside five to ten minutes every single day to write down at least five things, peoples, events, situations, and opportunities in your life that you feel grateful for. Over time, you’ll evolve into that happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and up-beat person who appreciates the small things in life, laughs more often, argues less often, and succeeds through setbacks.

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