November 17, 2015 3 Reasons Why You Should Make Pain Your Best Friend

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Pain Your Best Friend

It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are, how big your bank account is, where you grew up, or who your friends are. At some point or other in your lifetime, you will experience pain of some sort.

Because pain is universal.

We all struggle through setbacks, defeats, failures, tragedies, and losses.

Pain doesn’t discriminate. It affects all of us equally.

Though that might make you feel sad, this is actually great news. Because pain is a necessary stepping-stone for greatness, a universal test for revealing your best self, and it’s the most powerful motivator there is.

Pain is a good thing—a great thing, actually.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Make Pain Your Best Friend:

#1-Overcoming Pain Is Necessary Rite Of Passage For Greatness

Nobody starts out incredibly talented, amazingly skilled, or exceptionally gifted.

There are plenty of superstars in this world. But nobody starts out that way. Contrary to what we may think, nobody comes out of the womb a mega-talented superstar.

Because greatness is not a quality that we are born with. Greatness can only be developed through thousands of hours of painfully working hard, staying motivated, thinking positive, sacrificing fun-time, overcoming setbacks, and bouncing back from failures.

Greatness requires pain.

In order to build your Fortune 500 business from the ground up, to tour the world as a motivational speaker, to become a best-selling published author, to win an Academy Award, to win that record deal, or to get elected into office, you first must suffer through pain.

You have to go through pain to be great. There’s no way around it.

You need to go through a bankruptcy, an album-flop, a failed business venture, a novel that never got published, or a failure to get elected to understand what it takes to succeed. In order to truly understand what it takes to win and develop the skills needed to do so, you must first take a loss.

Suffering through pain is never easy to look forward to. Be that as it may, you have to find a way to fall in love with it. Fall in love with your pain.

To realize your greatness, you’ve got to Make Pain Your Best Friend. You’ve got to find ways to enjoy that painful process of working your ass off, bouncing back from failures, overcoming defeats, eliminating weaknesses, sacrificing fun-time, and doing what it takes to win.

#2- Pain Reveals True Character

All of the Godliest human qualities and character-traits—courage, confidence, compassion, fulfillment, maturity, purpose, motivation, resilience, resourcefulness, spirituality, and creativity—are born from pain.

Pain is the starting place where character is born. Suffering through pain is life’s universal test for revealing true character.

Think about your best qualities. Try reflecting back on when those Godly qualities became who you are.

When did you get so resourceful, responsible, and mature? How did you learn how to manage so many responsibilities all at once? When did you become a great parent? When did you become so compassionate? How did you get so motivated? When did you learn how to be so resilient through hard times?

Chances are you developed all of your best qualities and character-traits through overcoming painful moments of struggle, loss, defeat, failure, or regret. Chances are, you evolved into who you are—you evolved into your best self—by struggling through pain, suffering, or tragedy.

That’s a second reason Why You Should Make Pain Your Best Friend. Pain is difficult to go through. But it brings out the best in us.

Pain Reveals True Character.

So you should actually look forward to battling through pain because the wisdom, resilience, maturity, fulfillment, purpose, resilience, and character you will discover on the other side are well worth your suffering.

#3- Pain Is The Most Powerful Motivator There Is

We don’t always think of it this way. But pain and success are closely related.

When high-achieving individuals like Denzel Washington, J.K. Rowling, or Steve Jobs speak at graduation ceremonies, overcoming pain is very often a central topic or theme in their graduation speeches. And when big-time actors, singers, or philanthropists step on stage at award shows to accept their accolades, their acceptance speeches are quite often about the pain or tragedy that they overcame to win those awards.

The successful spend lots of time expressing gratitude for the tragedies of their lives because they recognize that without the tragedies, they would never have succeeded. They acknowledge that without those painful moments, they could never have found the motivation necessary to claim their greatness.

They recognize that Pain Is The Most Powerful Motivator There Is.

If it wasn’t for the stressful moments of struggling to pay the bills, barely making enough money to survive, losing out on opportunities, being fired, or failing to keep a business venture alive, the successful would never be able to build the motivation needed to do whatever it takes to win at all costs.

That’s Why You Should Make Pain Your Best Friend.

Pain is the push that takes you from simply wanting success to putting all of your effort, energy, attention, dedication, work ethic, and discipline into doing whatever it takes to succeed at all costs. Pain can transform you from being complacent to being absolutely relentless.

And using your pain to motivate yourself is the key to succeeding on extraordinary levels.

So I encourage you to embrace your pain. Embrace your tragedies, your failures, your disasters, and your misfortunes. Embrace the pain. Fall in love with it.

And allow that pain to bring out the best in you and push you closer to that extraordinary future that you’ve always imagined.

Make pain your best friend.

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