December 9, 2015 Why Everything We Consume To Feel Good & Socialize Is Bad For Us

Why Everything We Consume To Feel Good & Socialize Is Bad For Us

Now that I’ve been sober for a full year and seven months now, I rarely head out to nightclubs and bars anymore.

But on the rare occasions that I do go out, one question always runs through my mind as I observe my surroundings: Why is Everything We Consume To Feel Good And Socialize Bad For Us?

Have you ever noticed that?

Have you ever noticed how almost all of the most popular drinks, drugs, and substances we—as a society—consume for happiness and social interaction purposes are incredibly bad for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health?

Hookah. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Marijuana. Harder drugs.

These are humanity’s drugs of choice.

Turn up at any bar, club, house party, celebration, or social event in the country or even overseas. And you’ll notice people on the inside drinking alcohol by the plenty, people standing in groups outside enjoying cigarettes, and others seated around tables puffing hookah.

We drink and smoke these substances to help us let loose, let our guards down, relax, feel good, feel confident, lose our inhibitions, and interact socially—all reasons to drink or smoke that make sense.

Using social lubricants to have fun times is good logic. But when the social lubricants we use pose a serious threat to our health, sanity, and long-term happiness, drinking and smoking these drugs just does not make sense.

Because—with the exception of maybe marijuana—these substances are some of the top leading causes of health problems and death in this country and around the world.

So why is it that we all know these drugs are bad for us and yet billions of people everywhere continue to drink and smoke on a regular basis? Why is it that Everything We Consume To Feel Good And Socialize Is Bad For Us?

The short answer is: Money.

Politicians know that some of the worst substances out there like alcohol and tobacco are doing serious damage to our collective health. And yet these drugs remain legal because the alcohol and tobacco industries create billions and billions of dollars for our economy.

The problem is: our society makes profit a higher priority than human health and prosperity.

And it’s not like hookah, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and hard drugs are the only substances out there that can help the human brain feel good or socialize. There are all kinds of all-natural teas (green tea for example), herbs, supplements, and activities that have similar benefits for boosting confidence, letting loose, having fun, helping conversation, or improving social interaction.

But the grand majority of the public are either unaware of them or uninterested because there are no advertisements for the healthy alternatives on television. You’re rarely—if ever—going to see a commercial for green tea stream across your television. Advertisements for quick-fix workout equipment (like the Shake-Weight) are out there in plenty. But advertisements for the benefits of exercise—commercials telling you to turn off your T.V., put on some gym clothes, and go work out—just don’t exist. And ads for letting people know that St. John’s Wort will help your anxiety better than alcohol never come on the air.

But no matter where you live, you can count on hearing or seeing constant and aggressive alcohol advertisements. And not only are the advertisements everywhere, the temptation to drink or smoke is all over the place. Beer, wine, and liquor stores line the streets of every town and city. And convenience stores that sell cigarettes are around every corner.

Whether you’re sober or not—if you live in this society—you are going to deal with constant advertising, encouragement, and temptations to either drink or smoke.

Because both cigarette and alcohol industries are worth billions of dollars. So they’ve got more than enough money to promote what they’re selling.

On the other hand, healthy alternatives for all of humanity’s worst vices are also all over the place. They’re everywhere. But corporations and CEOs that make big profits every-time you decide to pick up a bottle or smoke a cigarette don’t want you to know about them.

So the real reason Why Everything We Consume To Feel Good And Socialize Is Bad For Us is not because there aren’t any other healthier or more effective options out there, because we’re too addicted to stop our ways, or because human beings are incapable of change.

The truth is, we live in a system where the most profitable products rise to the top. And right now the unhealthiest drinks and drugs are the most profitable items out there.

We know hookah, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and hard drugs are bad for us. But we consume them anyway. Because the system is set up that way.

But there is an upside though: the choice of what you decide to put into your body is always YOURS.

It doesn’t matter how many of your friends, family, or peers are locked in that cycle of drinking and smoking. It you want to stop, YOU CAN ALWAYS STOP.

You can always decide to say no to drugs and alcohol and say yes to drinking some green tea, trying an all-natural supplement, hitting the gym, doing something you love, meditating, practicing kindness, practicing gratitude, spending some time with that certain someone, or getting your goals accomplished instead.

There are countless ways to make yourself feel good out there improve your health instead of destroying it.

So make the right choice. Don’t be a victim of the system.

Make the right choice for YOURSELF for a change.

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