January 1, 2016 4 Ways To Make 2016 YOUR Year

4 Ways To Make 2016 YOUR Year

So 2015 was alright.

It was okay.

You made some progress towards living your dream life—but not as much as you wanted.

Now 2015 is over. And you want MORE—more success, more fulfillment, more accomplishment, more clarity, more peace of mind, more contribution to the humanity, more digits in your bank account, more mental health, more physical fitness, and more serenity.

You want MORE. And 2016 is your opportunity to get it.

Well with that being said, let’s not waste this opportunity.

The following are 5 Ways To Make 2016 YOUR Year.

#1- Quit That Toxic Habit That’s Keeping You From Where You Want To Go

“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.” –James Allen

Success and true happiness both require sacrifice.

In order to earn as much value, influence, wealth, accomplishment, self-actualization, greatness, or happiness as Bill Gates, Steph Curry, or Oprah Winfrey, you have to put in an equal effort. In order to gain an equal reward, you must pass through a process equally as tough as each of their journeys to the top—a process of working hard, staying disciplined, staying positive, and sacrificing toxic habits.

Greatness demands sacrifices.

In order to climb the mountaintop to reach its peak, you are going to have to put in a massive effort and make massive sacrifices to get there. You are going to have to sacrifice your negative habits to reach the mountain peak.

If you’re human, you probably have at least one toxic pattern of behavior that you would love put behind you. Depending on who you are and what you’ve been through, your problem could be drinking, smoking, gambling, procrastination, self-sabotage, partying, shopping, excessive spending, excessive borrowing, or binge-eating.

It might not seem like a big deal, but letting go of that toxic habit could be the only thing holding you back from accomplishing everything you ever dreamed of. Coming from someone who quit drinking alcohol one year and eight months ago and has loved every second of my sobriety, quitting your most toxic habit is one link in a chain of events that could lead to living your deepest potential for true fulfillment and epic success.

There’s no better way to boost your confidence in yourself then taking control of what you choose and choose not to accept into your atmosphere. So if you’re looking to Make 2016 YOUR Year, Quitting That Toxic Habit That’s Keeping You From Where You Want To Go is a powerful way to do it!

#2- If You Haven’t Already Done So, Write Down Your Goals And Get Started!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible—the foundation for all success in life.” –Tony Robbins

Goal-setting is the first step to greatness.

Nothing ever takes place without goal-setting. 

Goal-setting is the fuel behind every invention, accomplishment, achievement, or victory in the history of mankind. Literally every achievement that we know and love—electricity, the light bulb, the telephone, the smart-phone, the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the printing press, the airplane, and the automobile—was once just an idea, a concept, a vision, a desire, an ambition, or a goal floating around in the back of someone’s mind.

Nothing ever takes place without goal-setting. Nothing takes place without intention.

So in order to get what you want, you first have to know and understand specifically what it is that you actually want for your life.

In order to become successful, you have to get in the habit of constantly defining what your goals are, creating deadlines for when you want to achieve them, visualizing how you would like to receive your desires, and working your butt off to accomplish them.

You have to be a relentless goal-setter and a hard-worker to be super-successful.

Because success always begins with a simple goal.

So if you’re looking to make 2016 YOUR Year, start by breaking out a laptop, mobile device, or notepad and writing out all of your deepest desires, goals, and ambitions for your life.

Start by asking yourself: If I could be anything, do anything, or go anywhere that I wanted without limits, what would I choose? And go from there.

#3- Read At Least 1 Book Every Month

What if I told you that you could upload all of the wisdom, knowledge, advice, and secrets from the greatest minds of the human race into your brain without having to pay a huge fortune for it? What if there was an affordable way for anyone to learn any skill in the world, pick up on any valuable technique, or brush up on any area of expertise without paying for a college education?

This miracle secret sauce for developing your mind is available to all of us. It’s called reading!

Want to learn how Bill Gates built Microsoft into one of the world’s leading companies? Want to understand how Tiger Woods rose to success as a golfer? Looking to emulate J.K. Rowling’s success as an author? Want to understand the best way to do your taxes? Ready to learn how to be financially secure and independent?

Accessing any wisdom, knowledge, or advice that you need is as simple as cracking open the right book and reading it. It’s that simple.

Reading also improves your memory; boosts your concentration and focus abilities; improves your writing skills; reduces stress; and broadens your vocabulary. And on top of that, self-education through reading can open your eyes to the fact that there is no pain, struggle, challenge, difficulty, setback, or misfortune in your life that someone else hasn’t already overcome!

So what are you waiting for? Make 2016 YOURS by Reading At Least 1 Book Every Month.

#4- Accomplish Something You’ve Never Done Before! Check Something Off Your Bucket List

When’s the last time you achieved something that blew your mind? When’s the last time you accomplished a victory so huge for your life that it changed everything? When’s the last time you knocked down a wall that’s been holding you back for years?

If it’s been a while since you last checked an item off of your bucket list, then decide to use 2016 as your opportunity to Accomplish Something You’ve Never Done Before.

Run a marathon! Write a book! Volunteer! Take a trip to a country you’ve never been before! Go on a cruise to the Caribbean! Earn top honors at your office! Ask your crush out to dinner! Go sky-diving! Learn to surf!

It doesn’t matter how crazy and out-of-your-way it might be, if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, GET IT DONE IN 2016!

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