January 24, 2016 Why Growth Is Valuable Than Money

Why Growth Is Valuable Than Money

Think back to the proudest moment of your career. Or better yet, think back to the proudest moment of your life.

Maybe you landed that dream job that you had been aiming for since you graduated from college. Maybe you earned that promotion you had been working towards for years. Maybe you ran a personal best after training your body for months. Maybe you ran a full marathon. Maybe you earned a 4.0 on your report card. Maybe you simply just graduated from school. Maybe you finally caught the attention of the man or woman of your dreams. Maybe you successfully launched or sold a profitable business that allowed you to leave the rat race. Maybe you bought your first home. Maybe you earned a million dollars.

In that moment, what made you so proud of your accomplishment? It wasn’t the money, the promotion, the medal, or the prize that made you proud.

It was the GROWTH.

The growth made you feel happy, proud, and good about yourself.

GROWTH—not money—is the most valuable prize you’ll ever receive for your accomplishments. Growth makes that long painful journey worth the effort.

Contrary to popular belief, earning money is not what makes success feel so good. Success feels good because of the growth that we have to battle through to make ourselves successful. Success feels amazing because of the dedication, self-control, responsibility, and maturity we need to develop in order to reach the mountaintop.

Earning a million dollars will not make you happy. Know what will make you happy though? Growth will.

The evolution, growth, and progress that you’re going to go through in order to transform yourself into a millionaire, will fill you up with real fulfillment. The process of training yourself into a disciplined, motivated, ambitious, hungry, and consistent hard worker will give you more pride than anything else in this world.

Money comes and goes. Banks accounts go up and down. Millionaires and billionaires rise and they fall.

You could buy a lottery ticket worth one billion dollars and become one of the wealthiest people in the world overnight. But just as quickly as you win that billion, you could also blow that huge fortune in short time through careless spending.

There’s no amount of money in the world that you cannot spend, lose, give out, or gamble away. But growth on the other hand, growth stays with you forever.

Once you become disciplined, mature, responsible, athletic, motivated, hungry, or hard-working, those qualities stay with you forever. The talents, skills, abilities, and attitudes that you develop during that long journey to greatness will always be yours.

This explains why entrepreneurs are sometimes known for earning huge fortunes, losing all of their money, and then earning it back. Because once you have the skills necessary to earn millions, you will always be capable of earning millions of dollars for the rest of your life! Once you earn those success-traits, they are always with you.

Growth stays with you forever and it’s more valuable than any amount of money in the world. Those character traits that become a part of you throughout that process are more valuable than all of the gold, wealth, or diamonds in the world.

Because the only possessions that are more valuable than one billion dollars, are the skills, abilities, talents, and character traits that you need to transform yourself into a billionaire.

So if you’re putting all your work, effort, and dedication into a goal purely for the prize you’ll receive when you succeed, STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Don’t do it for the money. Do it for the growth.

Don’t do it for the destination. Do it for the self-respect, self-love, maturity, responsibility, tenacity, discipline, wisdom, creativity, and work ethic that you’ll develop on your way to your destination.

Forget the money. Do it for the GROWTH!

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