February 9, 2016 Why Transcendental Meditation Is The Real Life Limitless-Pill

Why Transcendental Meditation Is The Real Life Limitless-Pill

Eddie Morra is a hopeless writer with an alcohol problem and a habit for procrastination who wants to hit it big as an author but can’t bring himself to write a single word of his forthcoming masterpiece. Frustrated with his lack of success or direction, his girlfriend walks out on him. His deadline to submit his work to his publishing company draws closer, but he still just can’t gather the thoughts, motivation, mental energy, creativity, work ethic, or positive mindset needed to get his book written.

Eddie can’t seem to catch a break. Until one day, he bumps into his former brother-in-law Vernon who offers him a smart-pill called NZT-48.

“You know how they say we can only access 20% of our brain?”

“This lets you access all of it,” says Vernon.

NZT is a (fictional) mind-enhancing drug that allows Eddie to access his entire mind.

One pill a day and he’s limitless.

He writes and submits his book within four days, learns a variety of languages, uses advanced math to earn a fortune as an investor, lands a powerful job in finance, and gets back together with his girlfriend.

The story is much longer than that, but the point is: NZT-48 unlocks Eddie’s hidden potential.

Eddie Morra is the main character of a fictional movie called Limitless released back in 2011. Although the NZT isn’t a real drug, Limitless struck a chord with audiences and even inspired a spin-off television show because so many people across the world can relate to Eddie Morra’s situation at the begging of the film—struggling to get by, knowing that you want more for your life, and seeking answers to help you unlock your hidden potential.

NZT-48 isn’t a real drug. But for those of us that are looking to unlock our potential, there is a Real-Life Limitless-Pill out there that has similar effects. But it isn’t medication. It’s meditation—Transcendental Meditation to be exact.

I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation for over two years now since November of 2013. And the effects I’ve noticed within myself and within others I’ve met or read about are nothing short of incredible.

TM has the capacity to help someone in Eddie Morra’s frustrating situation at the start of Limitless—struggling to get by, battling depression, struggling with addiction, suffering from procrastination, struggling to break through creative blocks—find the creativity, tranquility, peace of mind, fulfillment, motivation, positive mindset, and productivity to break past limitations and live a better life.

Just like NZT, Transcendental Meditation unlocks your potential. Two twenty-minute sessions a day, and you’re limitless.

Countless successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Ellen Degeneres, Russell Simmons, Ray Dalio, Cameron Diaz, Hugh Jackman, Rupert Murdoch, Miguel, Katy Perry, Martin Scorsese, Howard Stern, Rick Rubin, Paul McCartney, and more have attested to these benefits.

Of that group of TM-ers that I just listed, three of them are billionaires. And all are millionaires.

In fact, Ray Dalio—billionaire founder of one of the world’s most valuable hedgefunds—believes that TM is the single most important reason for his success:

“Meditation, more than any other factor, has been the reason for what success I’ve had.”

Dalio—a meditator for over 40 years now—says TM offered him the centeredness, creativity, and tranquility he needed to launch and maintain his prosperous career in investment management.

Transcendental Meditation—The Real Life Limitless-Pill—unlocked Ray Dalio’s potential.

Not all of us are going to launch hedgefunds worth over 150 billion dollars when we pick up meditation. But I can promise you this: It will help you break past your limitations. And it will give you a better life.

For more information on Transcendental Meditation, make sure to read books like Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation. And head over to Tm.org to sign up for it.

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Image Source: https://www.desertaidsproject.org/stress-relief-through-transcendental-meditation/