February 10, 2016 3 Reasons Why The 20’s Are The Best Decade To Find Yourself

3 Reasons Why The 20’s Are The Best Decade To Find Yourself


The 20’s are a crucial turning point in your life—perhaps the most important crossroads in the human lifespan. The 20’s are decision-time.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

What am I going to do for the rest of my life? What skills and abilities do I need to thrive in the real world? What career-track should I jump into for the next forty years? Should I switch careers? Should I stay in the workforce? Should I go back to school? What makes me happy? What goals, dreams, and ambitions do I really want to accomplish? Who am I? Where I should I go with my life?

These are all questions that must be answered by the time you hit your 30’s. The 20’s are your best opportunity to get all of these monumental life questions answered once and for all—The Best Decade To Find Yourself.

And here are 3 reasons why:

#1- You’re Still Single!

Getting married to the right person is often one of the top things that super-successful people attribute their accomplishments to. Getting hitched with the right partner can take your happiness, growth, and greatness to higher level. Bill and Hillary Clinton; President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama; Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith; and Bill and Melinda Gates are all excellent examples of that principle in action.

Unfortunately, not all of us are so lucky to end up with the right person.

Getting hitched to the wrong partner on the other hand, can be a serious block to finding your true self. Because it’s going to be very tough to convince your partner to go out on a limb with you as you pursue your lifelong dreams when he or she doesn’t support you.

So the 20’s are an ideal period to find yourself, because You’re Still Single! As a bachelor or bachelorette, you’re going to have a lot more leeway, freedom, and time to discover how to make yourself happy before you dedicate your life to the pursuit of sharing your happiness with a husband or wife. Being a single twenty-year-old will give you the freedom to figure out how to make yourself happy before you take on the task of making your significant other happy.

#2-No Kids Yet (Or Not Many Kids Yet)

Having a child is a gigantic responsibility—the single most demanding obligation you will ever take on in your life. Parenting is a job that requires your undivided attention and effort all day every single day.

Now don’t get me wrong, raising children can give you more joy, pride, and meaning than any other experience in the world. But with that being said, spending your undivided attention on taking care of your little ones can be a serious obstacle to finding yourself. Because when you’ve got one, two, three, four, or five mouths to feed, quitting your job to travel the world, write a book, or feed the homeless is NOT going to be so easy.

Nothing is impossible. Until you are dead and gone, it will always be possible to reinvent your life into a journey that matches up with your deepest desires. But parenthood could be a serious roadblock to making that happen.

That’s why being a twenty-something is the perfect time to find yourself. Because when you’re in your 20’s, you most likely have less than two kids. Having less than two young ones—or no young ones at all—gives you as much freedom as you need to live your wildest dreams.

#3- Youthful Passion, Energy, Vitality, Ambition, And Motivation

The 20’s are an awesome opportunity to create a life of your own design—a huge turning point when you have to make a choice. The 20’s are a fork in the road where you have decide between pursuing the life-track that others have pressured you into or following the path of your own choosing.

It’s pivotal for you to choose the right path at this point in time. Because once you force yourself into doing a job that you don’t want for years and years, that Youthful Passion, Energy, Vitality, Ambition, And Motivation that makes you who you are is slowly going to fade away. You’re going to slowly lose touch with that spark that makes you who you are.

Time is a process that nobody can run away from. As Kanye West recently said, “Time is the only luxury. It’s the only thing that you can’t get back.”

So once you waste time on something that isn’t what you actually want, those moments are gone forever. Time is the only expense that we spend every day without the opportunity to earn it back.

So even though you’re still young, you have to keep in mind that the clock is ticking. And put your Youthful Passion, Energy, Vitality, Ambition, And Motivation to use before it’s too late.

Go out and climb a mountain, run a marathon, build a business, travel the world, start a charity, and write a masterpiece before your time is up!

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