February 11, 2016 Why Learning From The Legends Is The Only Way To Succeed

Why Learning From The Legends Is The Only Way To Succeed

“Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.” –Tony Robbins

People who were no smarter, no more talented, and no more gifted than you are have already accomplished all of your wildest dreams, ambitions, and visions for your future. Even if you truly are planning to become the first of your kind—the first person to build a colony on Mars, the first to cure cancer, the first woman or Latino president, or the first to run the 100 meters quicker than Usain Bolt—somebody out there has already accomplished something similar to what you’re trying to do.

No matter what your wildest dream is, something like it has already been done before.

Now you might be in a situation where you know exactly what you want, but don’t yet have the skills, knowledge, or expertise to make it a reality. And because of that lack of knowledge, you might think that you could never become like all the legends that have already succeeded before you.

But here’s the thing that you have to realize, all of the legends and juggernauts who changed the world, helped thousands or millions of people, found freedom, made their dreams come true, and made millions of dollars were just like you when they started out. Every legendary athlete, entrepreneur, singer, author, real estate agent, or lawyer started out in the exact same position that you’re in right now. They knew exactly what they wanted but didn’t have the skills, knowledge, or expertise necessary to make it happen.

But they became successful because they learned from others who had already accomplished what they were trying to do. Then they went out and took action until they got results.

They realized that the only way to win is by learning from others that have already won. Learning From The Legends Is The Only Way To Succeed.

If you would like to become a top-selling author, you have to study the lives of the greatest authors that have already passed before you. If you’d like to be an awesome accountant, you need to study principles of accounting from the greats that came before you. If you want to play in the NBA, you need to study tapes of Michael Jordan, Dr. J, Lebron James, and Steph Curry.

You have to learn from the greats to create your own greatness.

This is true because success always takes place through Universal Principles that can be replicated by literally anybody. Success always takes place through a universal formula that anyone can understand and duplicate. As Tony Robbins often says: “Success leaves clues.”

Every person that has ever succeeded—every legend there ever was—passed through a universal formula for success that included a variation of goal-setting, positive thinking, visualization, massive action, hard work, dedication, consistency, discipline, flexibility, and perseverance. Success always takes place through those same principles—universal laws that anyone can duplicate.


So if you’re at that point of knowing exactly what you want—knowing that you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, run a marathon, open up a comic book store, publish a book, become a successful blogger for a living, or launch a technology business—but you don’t yet have the expertise to make it happen, stop whatever you’re doing and start looking for clues.  

Read or sit through as many books, articles, videos, movies, documentaries, or audio tracks written by or about the legends as possible. Take a course or go back to school if you have to.

Single out people who have already accomplished what you’re trying to do. Learn the principles they used to win. And then use those principles to make yourself into a winner!

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