February 14, 2016 Songs of Self-Love for Valentines Day By Michele Amira

Songs of Self-Love for Valentines Day By Michele Amira

While Valentine’s Day is often considered to be a holiday for lovers, there are different variations of Valentine’s Day from Israel to Iran all celebrating devotion.  Being the self-proclaimed hippie and feminist I am. I have always loved the pluralistic idea of a holiday celebrating  flower power  because after all according to The Beatles “all ya need is love.” The truth of the matter is Valentine’s Day tends to be about the couple and romantic comedies with titles like “He’s Just Not That Into You”. This Valentine’s Day  which is approaching this weekend, why not pay tribute to someone in your life worth loving who has always been there for you… Yes girl you know who I’m talking about…. You!  So here are some jams worth  streaming this valentine’s day  to uplift your spirits this weekend.

1. INDIA. ARIE: “Video”

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“I’m not the average girl from your video, And I ain’t built like a supermodel, But I learned to love myself unconditionally Because I am a queen”

Video by the soulful songstress India Arie is filled with verses of to evoke self esteem. India.Arie’s debut album has earned an eternal spot on your playlist.

2. The Internet feat Kaytranada: “Girl”

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“Girl, they don’t know your worth

Tell ’em you’re my girl and anything you want is yours”

Hip hop funk alternative group The Internet sounds like a mixture of The Indigo Girls and A Tribe Called Quest.

3. Drake: “Hold on We’re Going Home”

Being the nice Jewish girl that I am, I had to feature a track from Drake, the most famous Jewish MC in hip hop since Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. Drake goes straight up emo soul on this track, which is ideal for Valentine’s Day.

4.  dead prez: “Mind Sex”

So let me take this opportunity

Would you share a moment with me, over herbal tea?

Take a walk verbally, make a bond certainly

‘Cause in my hand I bet your hand fit perfectly

And it’s like we floatin’ out in space when you flirtin’ wit me

5.  Cree Summer: “Soul Sister”

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“She gave me peace of mind like a butterfly song to a rainbow shine-We worshipped the Goddess of Earth daughter of life mother of earth today feels good my sister soul sister… your beautiful… feel good”

This track is full of hippie vibes of flower power while also having a feminist undertone to its verses proving to be a love song to soul sisters — the importance of knowing your worth  and the science of inviting in the presence of the divine.

About Michele Amira

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Michele Amira is a vegan dancer with a love of hookah, Israeli hummus and hookah.She is an journalist for the Source magazine. When she’s not writing about what’s going on in hip hop, she’s talking about it on her hip-hop radio show, The Mecca, at University of Maryland where she is a Creative Writing major. When she is not writing she is Israeli dancing and doing yoga.