February 21, 2016 Why Having A Breakdown Is the Only Way To Find Your Breakthrough

Why Having A Breakdown Is the Only Way To Find Your Breakthrough

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” –Napoleon Hill

No comfortable, complacent, or satisfied person has ever made a huge dream, goal, ambition, vision, accomplishment, or contribution a reality. The airplane, the automobile, the moon landing, the Civil Rights movement, the personal computer, and the Internet were not accomplished by people who were comfortable or satisfied with where they were.

No world record has ever been shattered by someone who felt satisfied, complacent, or comfortable.

The comfort zone is NOT where success is born—quite the opposite. Your comfort zone is actually where your dreams go to die. Settling into a comfortable zone of complacency will never offer you that breakthrough that you’ve been hoping for.

Because breakthroughs never come easy. Breakthroughs can only be born from painful moments of putting in thousands of hours of hard work when no one is watching, overcoming tragedies, dealing with disasters, and growing through your setbacks.

Breakthroughs can only be established by persevering in the face of doubt, difficulty, seemingly insurmountable odds, tragedy and failure. When the 1st place champion strides across the finish-line, it always looks effortless. But don’t let looks deceive you, Usain Bolt spent over a decade endlessly training himself into a top performer before he ever smashed the world record for the 100 and 200 meters sprints.

Film studio head Tyler Perry suffered through childhood abuse, periods of homelessness, and countless failures before he rose to massive success as a playwright and filmmaker. All-time best player Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team before he went on to become the greatest. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company before he created the iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Oprah Winfrey battled through poverty and sexual abuse before she evolved into the talk-show host and multi-billionaire that we all know and love. J.K. Rowling endured single parenthood, unemployment, and poverty before she penned the first edition of the Harry Potter series.

Having A Breakdown Is The Only Way To Find Your Breakthrough.

There’s no way around it. Every successful person in the world struggled through some sort of breakdown in order to evolve into who they are today.

And here’s why: the highest and most graceful human qualities can only be developed through pain. Qualities like wisdom, courage, boldness, relentless determination, endless work ethic, compassion, creativity, and fearlessness are only developed through that process of overcoming misfortune.

We all want greatness. But you have to persevere through the breakdowns in order to create your breakthroughs.

Earning a billion dollars requires a billion dollars worth of sacrifice, effort, and setbacks. Wearing the championship belt requires a championship-level commitment to sticking through with your passion when no one sees any value in it. Headlining shows requires spending all of your weekends working on your craft when everyone else is out partying.


“While all of my closest friends out partying. I’m just here making all the music that they party to.” –Aubrey Drake Graham


You WILL see your name in lights, add joy to the lives on millions, and contribute something unforgettable to the world. But you have to know that while you’re in the process of becoming that person, you’re going to need to overcome lots of breakdowns.

It’s going to feel like the whole world is collapsing all around you. But keep in mind that while it seems like everything is falling apart, everything that you always dreamed of is actually coming together.

Have faith. Your breakthrough is on its way.

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