February 24, 2016 Global Greats in Mysticism to Unlock Your Inner Goddess by Michele Amira

Global Greats in Mysticism to Unlock Your Inner Goddess by Michele Amira

Goddesses or female spirits of  miracles, magic and mysticism are seen all over the world. While they have religious context Goddesses can also be seen to inspire spirituality as well as secular meditation. They hold places of importance in Hinduism, Buddhism and often times secular feminism as well as the cultures of mayan mythology.  Every goddess has her own unique qualities much like how we all have our own unique qualities .  — Here are some Goddesses of the globe to inspire your own sacred feminine energies and inspire you to be a free spirit to give you  Space for individual cultivation of being your own Goddess knowing  what it means to be connected to something greater outside of ourselves at … whatever its form secular or faith based so here are some of my favorite  Goddesses of the globe who have brought me inspiration because after all to quote feminist icon Gloria Steinem “God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions.”  So here are some Goddesses from around the globe to inspire you to unlock your inner Goddess ruach [hebrew for spirit]!

1. Shakti- India 

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Being the yogi I am.. I needed to put Shakti on the list since she is the Goddess of yoga.  This Goddess originating in India has roots In Hindu mysticism, Shakti is considered Mother earth — She is seen as a stabilizing force in the eco system which might be why she was a  key force  of inspiration in Tantra Yoga, a yogic approach to the the science of  mediation  which developed in the 5th century CE because after all yoga is the matzah ball soup of mediation, soothing and calming.

2. Ixchel [Mayan Mythology]

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Ixchel (or Ix Chel), is seen in mayan mythology as both the Goddess of midwifery and a savior as well as fighter… She is often considered to be colorful like the rainbow bringing her own sense of beauty into the world. If you’re in Mexico there is a entire island off the coast of Cancun Mayan women made a sanctuary out of still called the Isla de Mujeres.

3.  Mami Wata (African and African Diaspora Spirituality)

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Mami Wata is seen as a feminist mermaid since she is one with water and embodies the many healing powers of the water which is often is often seen as a spiritual source of strength in african mythology so when she encounters water her spirit is rekindled in the ocean.

4. Baset [Egyption mythology]

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Bastet, aka  the Egyptian goddess of warfare is often  Seen as a black cat in egyption mythology.  She was considered to be associated with smells, scents and incense  as well as music, dance and the art of warfare.

5. Vashti Queen of Persia  [ midrash persian mythology] 

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Vashti was a persian Queen who today is often seen as a feminist icon after she refused to dance for Achashverosh and his guests would be seen as rape culture in today’s society. While she was known in Persia for her love of dancing and partying, she was also ordered to dance, and the men in attendance would not accept no for an answer. After refusing to dance, Vashti was stripped of her title, and the king went in search of a new queen yet she never stopped believing that her beauty was power and her worth was more then being Queen.

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