March 6, 2016 2 Reasons To Make Your Success A Life Or Death Commitment

2 Reasons To Make Your Success A Life Or Death Commitment

“Most people, when they’re either going to die or succeed, they succeed.” –Tony Robbins

What you would you do if someone pointed a gun at you everyday for the rest of your life and told you to either accomplish your goals or die? How would you respond? What would your reaction be?

I can tell you what would happen.

You would succeed. You would win. You would do whatever was necessary to make your goals come true. If you didn’t know where to start or how to go about it, you would figure it out. You would work seven days a week with passionate intensity. And you would win.

Fortunately no one is ever going to hold a gun to your head and ask you to perfom. But that gun-to-the-head intensity is the secret ingredient to every super-successful person’s career—an intensity of determination that you need to have to accomplish your dreams.

To succeed on the level of Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, or J.K. Rowling, you have to work, sacrifice, and persevere as if your life depends on it. You have to Make Your Success A Life Or Death Commitment.

Here’s 2 reason why you should make the gun-to-the-head mentality your way of life:

#1- Huge Success Only Comes To Those Who Work Like Their Lives Depend On It

According to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, 10,000 hours is the magic number—the minimum level of hard work needed to reach a world-class level of success or greatness. It takes 10,000 hours—roughly 10 years—of intense work to become a master at your chosen craft.

Everyone has ability. Everyone’s got potential. Anyone can accomplish great things. But the question is: will you? Will you do whatever it takes to make your goals come true? Will you work your butt off for 10,000 hours to accomplish your dreams?

Everybody can. But not everybody will.

The only difference that separates the folks who have potential from the ones who use it is hard work. The only difference that makes someone more successful than you is a Life Or Death Commitment to putting in long hours of work when everyone else is either resting, partying, or sleeping.

That’s Why You Should Make Success A Life Or Death Commitment. Commit to working your butt off for your goals 7 days a week as if someone’s holding a gun to your head. Because you need to have that gun-to-the-head intensity and work ethic to be really successful. Huge Success Only Comes To Those Who Work Like Their Lives Depend On It.

#2- When It’s All Or Nothing, Giving Up Is Unacceptable

Have you ever gave up on something? Have you ever set a resolution, a goal, a plan, or an ambition only to abandon it a couple weeks or a few months later?

What made you give up on your vision so quickly? Why was it so easy for you to quit?

It wasn’t important to you.

Giving up on your plan to lose twenty pounds, quit smoking, quit drinking, launch a business, travel the world, buy a car, earn a promotion, or read ten books wasn’t very hard for you to do because your success was not important enough to you to motivate you through the setbacks, adversity, and challenges.

You gave up because your success was not important enough to you to push you through the pain. You gave up because you weren’t committed to chasing your dream with a Life Or Death Intensity.

J.K. Rowling didn’t publish her first installment of The Harry Potter series until she was an unemployed single mother struggling to make ends meet. Steve Jobs didn’t give life to the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone until he suffered through the pain of being fired from his own company. Tyler Perry didn’t evolve into a Hollywood heavyweight worth hundreds of millions until he survived years of childhood abuse, produced plays that never took off, and suffered through homelessness.

The reason J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, and Tyler Perry were able to weather the tragedies, the struggles, and the adversity is because they decided that their success was important enough to suffer, struggle, and fight for. They decided to make the accomplishment of their dreams was a Life Or Death Commitment. Their thought-process was: “Either I’m going to accomplish my dreams, or I’m going to die trying.”

That’s the secret sauce for getting yourself to accomplish your goals. You have to commit to your success with a Life Or Death Intensity—commit to doing whatever it takes to make your visions come true.

If you want to win, you can’t approach your success as something you can procrastinate on, give less than your absolute all to, or push off until next year. If you want to succeed, you have to commit to working your butt to accomplish your vision as if your life depends on it. You have to think to yourself: “Either I’m going to win, or I’m going to die trying. Failure is not an option.”

Cut yourself off from all other options, alternatives, and opportunities to give up. Work 7 days a week like your life depends on it until you start to see results. Make Your Success A Life Or Death Commitment. And no one will be able to stand in your way or to stop you from getting that life you deserve.

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