April 12, 2016  3 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Residential Real Estate

 3 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate, as a career-field, truly is one of a kind.

It offers more freedom, independence, autonomy, upward mobility, growth opportunity, learning opportunity, self-development opportunity, exciting work, and opportunity to make a powerful impact than many other fields. It’s a career-track for those who want be their own boss, direct their lives, do work that excites them every single day, make a lasting change in the lives of their clients, become better as professionals, and become better as human beings.

Real Estate is a career-track for the hungry, the passionate, and the self-motivated.

For the past four months, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of one of the highest-ranking brokerages in the country at the Keller Williams Flagship Of Maryland in Millersville.

Coming from a full-time real estate agent that loves my work, here’s 3 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Residential Real Estate:

1#- Freedom

One of the top reasons that people gravitate to real estate is the Freedom. Real estate agents are typically not considered full time employees of their brokerages. They are independent contractors.

So after you get officially licensed to practice real estate and sign on with a brokerage, you are going to be 100% free and independent to determine your own hours, set your own schedule, manage your own work, and be your own boss. You’ll have the Freedom to be the director of your career.

Not only will you get to control what your schedule looks like, you will have complete and total control over your income. With a 100% commission-based salary, the amount of income you bring in within a given year will be entirely dependent on YOU—your work ethic, your discipline, your hard work, your consistency, and your effort towards helping your clients.

What makes this set-up so attractive is, real estate agents have much more upward growth and mobility compared to jobs that aren’t commission-based. Within a matter of one, two, or three years, you could go from being a complete rookie to being one of the highest earners within your company, one of the highest earners within your region, or possibly even one of the highest earners within your country.

When it comes to selling houses for a living, the sky truly is your limit for your success. You will enjoy more Freedom than in almost any other career field in the world.

#2- Growth, Learning, And Self-Development

Real estate is a career where self-development is MUST. In order to go from being a rookie to selling 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or more homes in a year, you MUST commit yourself to self-development, self-improvement, and growth. You MUST have a strong desire to grow, learn, develop, improve, and better yourself.

Without a rigid structure for how you manage your work, you have to find the motivation within you to read self-improvement books, attend self-improvement seminars, go to workshops, show up to training sessions, and learn from top-earning agents. Growth is a necessary step in the process towards becoming a top real estate agent.

What makes real estate so cool, is the fact that other career fields might actually distract you away from spending time on developing yourself. In real estate on the other hand, spending time on Growth, Learning, And Self-Development is encouraged. It’s recommended.

Working on yourself is recommended because the only way to go higher, sell more houses, help more clients, and succeed more is by developing and expanding your mind, talents, skills, and expertise.

#3- Powerful Impact And Exciting Work

How many people get to say that their job is helping their clients live their dreams? How many people get to say that they help people buy their dream houses for a living? How many people get to take part in the emotional process of helping a family sell their home or helping a young couple purchase their first residence?

As a real estate agent, you’re not just making a living. You’re making a Powerful Impact on people and a lasting positive change in their lives. You’re helping people buy homes that they may spend the next 5 years, 10 years, or possibly the rest of their lives in. The work that you’re doing creates a powerful effect on people.

And the work is exciting!

Real estate agents do not sit in a cubicle all day. As an agent, your days will become a refreshing balance between spending time at your desk, meeting with customers, showing clients homes, attending home inspections, spending time at settlements, and more. No two days are the same.

Each day is an exciting new mix of meeting new clients, seeing new houses, and traveling to new locations. The excitement that people feel when they walk into the home that they are going to buy for the first time and fall in love with it is real. You can feel it. And as their agent, you get to be a part of it.

As a brand new agent you’ll get to enjoy the Freedom of directing your work, your schedule, and your income; you’ll embrace the Growth, Learning, And Self-Development that you need to succeed; you will get the opportunity to make Powerful Impact; and you will do Exciting Work each and everyday.

It’s not easy.

But these 3 rewards make Residential Real Estate a career that’s definitely worth considering.

For more information on starting a career in real estate or if you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate in the near future, feel free to send me an email at BoMuchoki@kw.com or give me a quick call at 240-506-2898.

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