April 13, 2016 Why The Easy Road Is Always The Wrong Option

Why The Easy Road Is Always The Wrong Option

“Struggle Now = Feel Good Later

Feel Good Now = Struggle Later”

-Ashley Zahabian


Everything that is easy, convenient, effortless, and painless in the short-term—sitting on the couch for hours watching television, eating unhealthy food, procrastinating on important work, choosing the less risky career option that doesn’t excite you, giving up on your gym regimen, or prioritizing going out over staying in to put in work—NEVER pays off in the long-run. All of the habits, choices, and options that feel good now always inevitably lead to hardship at some point in the future.

Everything that feels good, easy, convenient, carefree, and struggle-free now always leads to pain, hardship, and struggle in the future.

Facing hardship, pain, problems, challenges, and adversity in life is unavoidable. Pain is a built-in part of life. There’s no getting away from it or escaping it. Hardship is a built-in and unavoidable part of life.

“Suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death human life cannot be complete.” –Viktor Frankl

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, privileged or unprivileged, powerful or weak, college educated or under-educated, well-off or not so well-off, pain is a universal human experience that we all struggle through in one way or another.

Enjoying a care-free, painless, and struggle-free life is not an option for any us. Facing pain is a life experience you can’t choose to escape from.

You can’t choose a painless life. But you can choose to respond to your pain in ways that produce more growth, purpose, passion, happiness, and success in your life.

You have two choices. You can take The Easy Road:

  • Choose to live a carefree, painless, convenient, and effortless life in the short-term and deal with hardships, challenges, problems, and negative consequences in your future

Or you can take The Hard Road (also known as The High Road or The Road Less Traveled):

  • Choose to struggle in the present. Understand that pain is inescapable and face your hardship head on. Deal with your hardships, challenges, and problems NOW. And enjoy an easy life in your future.

There is no option where you get to enjoy a carefree and painless life without any struggles. Even the wealthiest people in the world face struggles. All human beings struggle.  

Even if you were born the richest man in the world, there are still a multitude of challenges you could face throughout your lifetime—addiction, loss, bad spending habits, money management problems, relationships problems, mental health problems, depression, and of course the harsh reality of death.

We all have to face harsh realities and problems that we don’t want to deal with.

The difference that separates the successful from the unsuccessful, the victorious from the complacent, and those that win the game of life from those that don’t is the way that they respond to life’s problems.

To become a part of that select group of victors, you have to wake up and realize that you are going to face hardship no matter what. But whether you deal with it now or face it later is completely up to you.

Every career or life-goal that you make is going to involve hard work. Success in anything requires that you work hard to get ahead.

So you can choose short-term pleasure now and set yourself up for a miserable future. Or You can choose to do the hard work now—do the tough work now—in order to enjoy a pain-free, happy, and victorious future.

The worst path you can take is taking The Easy Road now by choosing all of the habits, choices, and options that feel good now but have really negative long-term consequences—like excessive partying, substance abuse, procrastination, excessive television-watching, less risky career options that don’t excite you or fulfill you, or making terrible diet choices.

On the other hand, the smartest path you can take is The High Road AKA The Road Less Traveled by making your life difficult now. Choose to accept, embrace, and fall in love with your struggle right now—in the present. Do the hard work, make the tough sacrifices, and embrace the uphill challenges now. Quit using drugs and alcohol to escape your life; quit eating junk food; quit procrastination; quit watching 4 hours of television on the daily; and quit putting off important work for temporary gain right now. Make your life difficult now. Embrace your struggle in the present. And choose to look forward to a carefree future of easy living, accomplished goals, better health, pure happiness, and better wellbeing.

As Ashley Zahabian would say

“Struggle Now = Feel Good Later

Feel Good Now = Struggle Later”

The Easy Road Is Always The Wrong Option

2 Ways to Embrace The Road Less Traveled

The Easy Road is the commonly traveled path of making the easy choices now that lead to bad consequences in the future.

The Road Less Traveled is about making the hard choices now—facing your demons, problems, hardships, and challenges in the present.

The 2 best ways to embrace the struggle, the challenge, the grind, and the uphill battle are by Finding Your Why and Finding Your Passion.


“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” –Friedrich Nietzsche


Finding a strong enough Why can be the motivation for overcoming any struggle. Having a powerful enough reason for quitting your bad habits, doing the hard work, and making the hard choices can make the Hard Road your most attractive option.

If you need to choose between hitting the clubs this weekend and putting in the work needed to provide a better future for you kids and your family, you are going to choose putting in work 99.9% of the time—if not every time. Because your Why of providing for the family is strong enough to overcome any How.

You also have to Find Your Passion. Find work that you feel a strong passion for. Because when you fall in love with the work, making the hard choices and making the painful sacrifices is not going to feel painful at all. When you love to work more than you love to watch TV or play video games, choosing the Hard Road won’t feel so hard.

Find Your Why and Find Your Passion. You’ll be able to do the hard work, make the tough sacrifices, embrace pain in the present, and make your life difficult now. And you will look forward to a carefree, painless, and fulfilling future!

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