June 27, 2016 Why Failure Is Your Best Friend

Why Failure Is Your Best Friend

Failure is life’s greatest teacher, life’s greatest coach, life’s greatest motivator, and life’s greatest test.

Since none of us are perfect, failure is a rite of passage—a necessary stepping stone—that each of us have to pass through to reach our eventual destinies.

Did you know that Shawn “Jay-z” Carter could not get a record deal when he was a fresh-on-the-scene up-and-coming rapper in his early twenties? Did you know that Gary Vaynerchuk was doing YouTube WineLibrary vlog videos for eighteen months before he transformed into that viral passionate personality that we all know and love? Did you know that Lady Gaga was dropped from her record label at Def Jam only 3 months after she was signed? Did know you that Madonna was once fired from her job at Dunkin Donuts? Did you know that Oprah Winfrey was once canned from her co-anchor position at Baltimore WJZ?

None of those world-changing careers that we all know and love would have been possible without failure. We use stories like Michael Jordan’s, Thomas Edison’s, and Colonel Sanders’ most often to demonstrate the powerfully positive effect that failing can have on us. But make no mistake, failure is a rite of passage that ALL OF US must get through to arrive where we’re going.

Failure is a must-have ingredient in that magic-mix that makes people successful.

There are certain lessons, insights, gifts, and skills that can ONLY be developed through failure. For example, you can’t develop the ability to stay calm, steady, strong and faithful through hard times without pushing through a failure.

Failure instills you with a deeper sense of humility.

Failure offers you a true feeling of appreciation for the achievements that you have been able to accomplish.  

Failure tests your ability to stay grateful—even when everything is going against you.

Failure fills you up with a confidence that there’s no problem that will ever be able to devastate you or destroy you. Because no matter what happens, you have been through worse.

Failure teaches you to work, live, and survive with fewer resources than you’ll have when you’re on top.

Failure teaches you how much your dreams really mean to you. You will never understand how much you’re dreams truly mean to you until you have failed.

Failure gives you that fateful choice of picking between either giving up on your goals or deciding to Do Whatever It Takes for your dreams—no matter what, through thick and thing, against all odds.

Failure fills you up with a certain drive, determination, and never-ending relentlessness that people who haven’t failed don’t have.

By showing you what not to do, failure teaches you that winning formula that you need to succeed.

Failure is life’s greatest teacher, life’s greatest coach, life’s greatest motivator, and life’s greatest test.

What have you failed at recently? And how did losing out on that accomplishment affect you, shape you, and mold you into who you are today? Make sure to share your best failure stories in the comments section below.

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