July 21, 2016 Top 4 Reasons To Buy A Home In Montgomery County Maryland

Top 4 Reasons To Buy A Home In Montgomery County Maryland

Montgomery County is the region that I have called home for the past 24 years.

The closest neighbor to the District Of Columbia on the eastern border, Montgomery County is a thriving community with highly ranked schools, a low unemployment rate, and home values that are trending up. Montgomery County is scenic, quiet, diverse, and conveniently located minutes away from the nation’s capital.

There’s plenty of reason why homebuyers are interested in moving to MoCo.

The following are the Top 4—Top 4 Reasons To Buy A Home In Montgomery County.

#1- Proximity to Washington D.C.

Whether it’s our sports teams, our big name employers, our government job opportunities, our museums, our political celebrities (like the Obamas), our music industry celebrities (Wale and Logic), or our nightlife, the Washington D.C. area is a beautiful and fantastic place to live. The DMV is second to none. And if you’re looking for a particular area in the DMV to purchase your next house, Montgomery County is the way to go.

Because our proximity to Washington D.C. as one of two counties on the District’s eastern border makes for an incredibly easy commute if you’re looking to work in the city. If you’re in Bethesda, Potomac, Silver Spring, Rockville, Gaithersburg, or Germantown, you’re looking at a 15-40 minute commute depending on traffic if you drive in to work. And if you prefer the public transportation option, we’ve got 8 metro stations conveniently located throughout the county that can carry you into the city and carry you back home when you’re done with your workday.

So Reason #1 to Buy A Home In Montgomery County is proximity to the nation’s capital.

#2- Property Values Are On The Rise

One of the main reasons that homebuyers decide to purchase a new residence is the possibility to make a profit years later when they eventually decide to sell the property. Capital Gains plays a powerful role in the decision to purchase a new home.

So property value trends are an important factor to consider when purchasing your next house. There is no way to predict what will happen in the future with 100% accuracy. But with that being said, when you are moving into an area, it’s great to know that housing values in that region are currently on the rise.

And that’s definitely true of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Since 2008, the median price for residential real estate sold in Montgomery County has been on the rise from a low of $300,000 to a current median price of $435,000. That’s a 22.1% increase from that low-point in the late 2000’s and a 2.4% increase from 2015’s housing values.

#3- Perennially High School Rankings

When it comes to purchasing a new place of residence, school rankings are a top determining factor that helps buyers decide where to look. If the buyer in question has school-age kids, the quality of schools within the area becomes super important. In a lot of cases schools are often the number 1 deciding factor that helps a family decide where to buy a home.

So if you’re considering purchasing a home in Montgomery County and you’re planning to raise kids here, you’ll be pleased to know that our schools rank very highly in state and national rankings on a regular basis. Six Montgomery County public schools were recently ranked as the top in the state of Maryland. And eight Montgomery County public schools were recently ranked within the top 200 schools in the country.

#4- Low Unemployment Rate!

Montgomery County is also widely known and recognized for being one of the most affluent areas in the country. Median Household Income here is $94,965. And the unemployment rate here at 3.7% is much lower than the state unemployment rate (5.3%) and significantly lower than the national unemployment rate (5.5%).

So by living in an thriving area such as Montgomery County with low unemployment numbers, you’ll have access a community of resources, employers, and affluent connections that will help you prosper for years to come.

One Of The DMV’s Most Attractive Communities

When you add everything together—the proximity to D.C., rising house values, high school rankings, and a low unemployment rate—Montgomery County is one of the most attractive communities that the DMV has to offer. In Montgomery County, you’ll be living in an affluent area where housing values are on the rise just minutes away from D.C. And you’ll be able to send your kids to some of the most highly ranked schools in the country.

So what are you waiting for?

If anything in this article piqued your interest, give me a call at 240-506-2898 or shoot me an email at BoMuchoki@kw.com and we can get started on finding you an awesome home in Montgomery County as soon as possible!


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