October 9, 2016 Why I DON’T Want to Win The Lottery

Why I DON’T Want to Win The Lottery

Winning the lotto is an experience that millions, if not billions of people worldwide fantasize about every year. But as I explained in a blog post from May earlier this year, would winning the lotto really be so great?

I don’t think so.

Winning the lottery is honestly one of the worst things that can happen to you. Because like plenty of professional athletes, child stars, and Hollywood celebrities can attest to, coming into lots of money all at once can actually destroy your life.

So after thinking about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that I would rather earn millions of dollars all on my own than win it through the lottery.

And here’s two reasons why:

#1- I Want To Feel Like I Earned It

What’s the point of being super-rich if you aren’t super-happy? What’s the purpose of having a million dollars in your bank account if you didn’t experience the joy, fulfillment, and happiness of the journey towards earning your first million?

Not all successful folks are happy. There are plenty of millionaires and even billionaires who have struggled with depression and have even taken their own lives. But among that select group of folks who are both happy and successful, those people tend to value journeys over results. They value the process over the end-product.

They understand that true happiness comes from the journey, not the destination.

So when someone is both happy and succeeding, it isn’t the wealth that fuels their fulfillment. It’s the growth.

Growth is a more powerful source of happiness than money.

So it’s possible for people who have access to virtually unlimited sums of money to be miserably depressed or addicted to drugs because they’re not growing. They came into a huge fortune of money. But they stopped that process of growth that created their success in the first place. They lost their ambition, lost their sense of purpose, and slid into a spiral of depression.

Having a goal, a cause, or an ambition to aspire to creates happiness.

So being the richest person in the world won’t make me any happier if there’s no growth involved. And that’s exactly what winning the lottery is. It’s coming into a huge fortune of money without any of happiness of the growth, progress, passion, journey, and the climb.

And I don’t just want a billion dollars for the sake of spending it. I want a billion dollars for that sense of fulfillment of knowing that I put in the work, progress, and growth necessary to get there.

I DON’T Want to Win The Lottery because I Want to Feel Like I Earned It.

#2-I’d Rather Learn How To Earn The Money From Scratch

Winning a huge sum of money in the lottery also isn’t appealing to me because there’s something else that is MORE valuable than a billion dollars that lotto winnings can’t offer me: the knowledge of how to create and multiply a billion dollars from scratch.

Winning the lottery is not going to teach me the knowledge of how to earn, grow, manage and maintain my money.

And what’s the point of having millions of dollars, if you don’t have the wisdom necessary to keep that money?

The knowledge of how to keep and grow your money is much more valuable than any fortune of wealth in the world.

Which would you rather have, one billion dollars in your bank account today or a book that will teach you the knowledge you need to earn and grow billions of dollars from scratch?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always going to choose the latter.

Because if you suddenly came into millions of dollars of wealth today, you wouldn’t gain any of the knowledge it takes to earn that money independently. And without the knowledge of how to earn money, you’re probably going to do what tons of other lotto winners have done: you’re going to spend all of it within a few short years.

So that’s reason #2 Why I DON’T Want To Win The Lottery. I’d Rather Learn How To Earn The Money From Scratch.

So to sum this post up:

Winning The Lottery Is Overrated.

Coming into a huge lotto fortune is fantasy that almost all of us have dreamed about. But if we truly knew what we were asking for, I doubt anybody would ever buy any lotto tickets ever again.

Because having one billion dollars without any of the effort, progress, or growth needed to earn it isn’t heaven. That’s honestly more like hell.

So you’ll be doing yourself a HUGE favor by aspiring to earn a billion all by yourself. Because the pure happiness you’ll get from the growth, progress, process, and the climb and the knowledge of how to earn huge sums of money from scratch are WAY more valuable than any amount of money you could ever win in the lotto.

If you’re reading this, I hope I’ve convinced you to stop buying lotto tickets and spend more time and energy on working towards earning big money through your own efforts. Because when it comes down to it, you’ve already won the lottery. You’re a human being on earth capable of absolutely anything.

You don’t need the lottery to earn wealth. You’re 1000% capable of doing it on your own.

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