December 23, 2016 4 Golden Nuggets with Beau Michaud Pt 2

4 Golden Nuggets with Beau Michaud Pt 2

What better way to spend your Christmas Holiday than a brand new episode of 4 Golden Nuggets with the one and only Beau Michaud?

4 Golden Nuggets is a show where I do incredible interviews with people who are doing incredible things in their respective crafts.

Beau is no exception. He is the CEO of Cognitrope and Special Projects Coordinator at the Keller Williams Realty Flagship of Maryland

Watch Beau and I’s second interview together to hear him drop his two cents on
1)The most important ingredient needed for positive relationships
2) How to conquer your inner monologue
3)Why it’s important to know and live by your core values
4)What motivates him to get up every morning and do what he does

Reach out to Beau at the Keller Williams Flagship conference room every morning at 8am or at