January 10, 2017 What Self-Awareness Is, Why It’s Hard To Get, & How to Develop It

What Self-Awareness Is, Why It’s Hard To Get, & How to Develop It


Self-awareness means knowing the difference between who you think you are and who you actually are—understanding the difference between who you wish you were versus your true colors.

Self-awareness means understanding that while you can absolutely live your dreams and accomplish your deepest desires, you can’t have everything you want. You can’t have, be, or do everything.

We can’t all play basketball like Lebron James, make audiences laugh like Kevin Hart, or create world-changing technology like Steve Jobs did. Because each of us has unique skills, abilities, predispositions, talents, gifts, and skills that make us more suited for certain career-fields than others.

So though you might want to join the NBA, win Academy Awards like Denzel Washington, write like J.K. Rowling, create the next big social media site or app like Mark Zuckerberg, and dance like Michael Jackson, you may actually be best-suited for something less glamorous like running a restaurant, being the Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer of a company rather than the CEO, playing an important role in a business rather than owning one, or making $200,000 per year versus $1 billion.

You may actually be best-suited for a career-path that you never considered because you don’t have enough Self-Awareness to see that the path you’re currently in does not cater to your core strengths.

So it’s about understanding yourself enough to know what your core strengths are, pursuing those gifts with all of your effort, and using those core talents to launch yourself to success.

You have to align what you want with who you are.

And understand that passion is everything and doing what you love is everything. But you can’t live ALL of your passions. Because not all of your passions make sense for you.

So understand that you have limitations and can’t be talented at everything. But with that being said, discovering and going ALL IN on the talents that you were lucky enough to be born with can lead you a life that is more PHENOMENAL than you ever imagined.

That’s what Self-Awareness Is. Let’s move on to:

Why It’s Hard To Get

Self-Awareness is hard to get because we live in a world where material wealth—cash, cars, mansions, yachts, private jets, champagne, jewelry, and so on—are constantly glorified. And we glorify and glamorize certain careers like entrepreneurship, acting, singing, modeling, professional athletics, and rapping.

Take a walk through any convenience store or grocery store. Who’s on the cover of all of the magazines? It’s actors, singers, models, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and rappers.

We glamorize these same six career fields to the point that we condition ourselves and each other to want to pursue them even if they aren’t actually suited to our best interests. Those careers all offer highly-coveted things like fame, attention, fortune, glamour, popularity, and material wealth. So what happens is, we have conditioned huge groups of people to wish they are rather than auditing who they are.

Self-Awareness is Hard To Get because we spend so much time wishing to be people we’re not rather than auditing who we are and going ALL IN on our core strengths.

So How Do You Develop Self-Awareness?

Developing Self-Awareness is no easy task.

But it is 1000% possible.

Something that’s worked for me is meditation.

Meditation is known for a lot of other things like providing people with peace, happiness, gratefulness, or equanimity. But a lesser known and equally powerful benefit of meditation is the self-awareness to understand who you actually are with crystal clear clarity.

So I recommend reading a blog post I wrote earlier this year on Why Transcendental Meditation Is The Real Life Limitless-Pill to learn more about what meditation is and how to get started!

And make sure to tune in to Episode 227 of The Ask Gary Vee Show where Gary answers my question on how meditation can help develop Self-Awareness (fast-forward to 13:35 for the good stuff)!

Something else you can do is take Gary’s number one recommendation for anyone looking to gain more awareness of your true strengths and identity: ask your closest friends and family members to provide you with brutally honest feedback on what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Ask the people closest to you to honestly let you know:

  • “What am I best at? What are my core strengths?”
  • “What am I doing right?”
  • “What am I doing wrong?”
  • “What aren’t I so great at? And why?”
  • “What direction for my life suits me best?”

No matter which route you take to get there, Self-Awareness is a rare trait that once developed, will guide you to extraordinary life that you never thought was possible. Because believe it or not, who you truly are is probably much more phenomenal than who you think you are.

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