April 20, 2017 4 Golden Nuggets With Francis Mangubat

4 Golden Nuggets With Francis Mangubat

4 Golden Nuggets is an online show where I interview incredible people, to get 4 pieces of advice for the viewers.

Today’s guest hails all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Francis Mangubat is a real estate agent for the Atacan Group and a TedX speaker.

Watch this episode to hear Francis dish his thoughts on:

1)What he loves about real estate

2)Why ownership is better than renting

3)What keeps Francis motivated

4) What his last piece of advice would be if today was his last day

“Work hard now. Go find a mentor who is the absolute best in that field. Learn from what they do. You’ll take 20 years experience and you’ll cut it down to a couple months. Just be the best. Do what you love. Work hard now, do whatever you want the rest of your life.” –Francis Mangubat

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