June 24, 2017 How To Make Life Happen For You, Not To You

How To Make Life Happen For You, Not To You

Ever feel like life isn’t happening in your favor? Like nothing ever seems to go your way and you have very little control over the direction of your life? Do you ever feel like situations, problems, events, disasters, calamities, and struggles are happening to you, not for you?

If you’ve ever felt that way, and I think we’ve all been there, this blog post is for you. This post is about 3 different mindsets that can put you back in the driver’s seat in your life—that will make you feel like you are always in control, charting the course, and choosing the direction in your life.

These 3 mentalities are going to empower you to always Make Life Happen For You, Not To You. If you take the information in this post and run with it, your life will go from thinking like nothing ever goes your way to feeling like the wind is at your back, nothing can stop you, and the whole universe is conspiring to help you live the life of your dreams.

#1- Recognize The Power of Decision and Free Will

The human being is unlike any other creature on the face of the planet. Because unlike every other organism on the earth that operates by instinct, as human beings we have this beautiful and incredible gift of freedom of choice.

Every other species in the animal kingdom is a creature of instinct. Humans however are creatures of choice. Where we are born in life is not up to us. But where we end up by the end of our lives is entirely our choice.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a step back and think about your own life for second. Think about all of the seemingly small decisions you have made throughout the course of your life that lead you to your current situation:

  • Your choice of which schools to go to
  • Your choice of which friends to associate with
  • Your choice of which university to attend
  • Your choice of which subjects to major in
  • Your choice of which occupation to commit your life to
  • Your choice of which significant other to spend the rest of your life with
  • Your choice of which foods to eat
  • Your choice of which days to exercise versus staying at home on the couch

These are all choices that you were faced with. And the decisions you made in those crucial moments lead you to the situation that you are currently in right now.

Think about how amazing that is.

You made decisions that put you in the school, circle of friends, vocation, relationship, and location where you are at this moment. And at any point in time, you have the ability to change your direction by making a series of course-corrections that could change your life forever.

At any point, you have the ability to pick a new path, chart a new course, choose a new lifestyle, choose to exercise more often, decide to eat better foods, find a new significant other, move to another location that suits your preferences, pursue a goal that you’ve procrastinated on, and create an entirely new life for yourself.

And it all starts with recognizing your amazing Power of Decision and Free Will—understanding that the key to Making Life Happen For You and Not To You is through making the right choices. Every day, you can choose to make wise choices that will empower you, free you, and set you on a path to living your dreams and loving your life.

#2- Understand, It’s Not The Circumstance that Defines You. It’s Your Response

“Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself.” – James Allen

Circumstances can be brutal. If there’s one thing that binds all of us together, one fabric that universally makes us human, it’s painful circumstances that affect all of us.

We all have moments, events, situations, setbacks, failures, losses, struggles, addictions, and tragedies that afflict us and challenge us right to our core. If you speak to anyone person for long enough, you’ll see that everybody is struggling through something. Everyone has their demons.

Either you are in the middle of the storm, you just came out of a storm, or you’re on your way into a storm as we speak. Nobody can avoid painful circumstances.

They can have a powerful effect on your life. But circumstances don’t define you. Circumstances don’t make you who you are. It’s your response to your circumstances that makes you who you are.

The circumstances that affect your life are not up to you. But, you DO get to choose what your response to those circumstances is.

In any given situation, you have the ability to choose to respond with forgiveness, grace, dignity, respect, compassion, strength, resilience, determination, poise, and purpose. Or you can choose to respond with hate, fear, anger, hostility, violence, giving up, blaming others, and lashing out.

You can choose a positive response or a negative response.

The response is always your choice. The best way to Make Life Happen For You, Not To You is by committing to always choosing the positive response in any given situation. No matter how devastating your circumstances are, always choose to respond with a positive, purposeful, grateful, forgiving, and compassionate attitude.

When you choose a positive response, you’re going to feel much more like you’re in control of your life rather than being at effect to the things that are happening to you.

#3- Choose to Believe That Everything in Your Life Happens For A Reason

In 1986, 3 years before I was born, world-famous life-coach Anthony Robbins published Unlimited Power, Tony’s first bestseller. In it, Tony listed out the 7 Lies Of Success—7 empowering beliefs (or lies) that successful people constantly tell themselves. One of those beliefs is that Everything Happens For A Reason or a purpose.

“Everything Happens For A Reason” sounds good and makes you feel good. But can it make you happier, more motivated, tougher, more resilient, and more successful?

ABSOLUTELY. It definitely can.

It’s a life-changing mindset. Because when you Choose to Believe that Everything Happens For A Reason, life is no longer happening to you. It’s happening for you.

When you believe that all of the events, moments, positives, negatives, tough times, setbacks, tragedies, devastating failures, and mistakes are all happening for a reason, everything works in your favor. The failure that you thought was going to break you, only makes you stronger. And the tragedy you thought was going to depress you, only makes you happier.

When you believe it’s all happening for a reason, you’re able to pick apart the mistakes to see what you can learn from the disasters in order to make sure that you gain from them, get stronger, and avoid letting them take place ever again.

When you Choose to Believe Everything Happens For A Reason, life truly is happening for you, not to you. The world is your oyster. Impossible is nothing. And nothing can stop you from living your dream life.

So In Conclusion, there are 3 mindsets that, if adopted, will put you back in the driver’s seat and empower you to Make Life Happen For You:

  1. Recognize The Power of Decision and Free Will
  2. Understand, It’s Not The Circumstance that Defines You. It’s Your Response
  3. Choose to Believe That Everything in Your Life Happens For A Reason

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