July 25, 2017 Why “Bright” Will Be Will Smith’s Best Movie in 20 Years

Why “Bright” Will Be Will Smith’s Best Movie in 20 Years

I still remember when I first saw Men In Black.

It was 1997. I was 8-years-old.

And I remember being completely blown away by the combination of the originality of the concept, the special effects, the action, the story, and Will Smith’s sense of humor.

Coming off the heels of Bad Boys and Independence Day, Will Smith was the hottest actor in Hollywood. And combined with the Matrix, Will’s movies had inspired a deep and lifelong passion for cinema within me. And in the fifth grade, at the age of 9, I felt so inspired by Will’s recent rise to success, that I read his a biography of his life story.

Over the years, Will has been one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood, a dominant force in the entertainment industry, an inspiration, and a role model to many. But his movies in the past 20 years, with some exceptions, have fallen short of the greatness of Bad Boys, Independence Day, and Men In Black.

Don’t get me wrong. Will has starred in some fantastic films since 1997. But none of them have really blown me away, thrilled, or wowed me like that first experience of watching Men In Black in theaters in 1997.

And after his last three fantasy movies—Men In Black 3, After Earth, and Suicide Squad—didn’t perform as well as expected, Will actually turned down an opportunity to be in the sequel for Independence Day. And I wasn’t sure if he would ever venture back into making the type of science fiction-action-comedies that we have come to love him for—that was until I saw the trailer for his new film Bright yesterday.

Bright is a new film set to release exclusively on Netflix December 22nd 2017. There are a couple reasons why Bright is going to be Will Smith’s Best Movie in 20 Years.

Most Original Concept Hollywood Has Put Out In Decades

Bright takes place in an alternate modern-day earth where orcs, elves, fairies, and other mythical creatures co-exist alongside humans. Will Smith plays a Los Angeles cop who partners up with the world’s first orc policeman. This unlikely duo comes across a magic wand that grants wishes but also has the power to destroy the world. They then team up to save Los Angeles and the world from disaster.

Bright offers a fresh and interesting perspective on modern day current events by addressing the issues of racism and police brutality in the context of orcs and elves versus humans as opposed to blacks versus whites or cops versus blacks. This is an interesting, entertaining, and thrilling way of addressing sensitive issues without provoking heated controversy.

And even if the movie doesn’t fully tackle the subjects of racism or police brutality head on, seeing mythical creatures coexist with humans on screen in a modern day context will help many to think about the issues we face in real life in a new light.

And asides from the social commentary aspect, this is just a damn good concept for a movie. In a world where it feels like we keep seeing the same sci-fi, action, and cop movies over and over, Bright is a breath of fresh air with a concept that has never been touched before.

In this interview, Will Smith describes it as “the energy of Training Day meets Lord Of The Rings.”

Even without seeing the trailer, just based off of that one sentence, this feels like a film that could blow our minds the way that Men In Black or Independence Day did back in the 90’s.

The First True Blockbuster Movie Released On Netflix

And secondly this film will also be groundbreaking, not just for Will Smith, but for the entertainment industry in general because it is the first major film with a huge budget, dazzling special effects, and A-List movie stars that will debut exclusively on Netflix.

This is a huge milestone, because releasing this film on Netflix will make this accessible to many more people in countries across the world without the added hassle of paying for a movie ticket or making a trip to a theater. The experience of watching a film in a theater is epic. But why not just skip the middle part and watch that exciting new film straight from the comfort of your couch?

With almost 100 million people subscribed to Netflix, this is a move that will make a very high quality film immediately available to a massive amount of people. And it may change the way we consume movies forever.

I don’t know about you, but come December, I am going to be very pumped about getting the chance to watch Will Smith’s Best Movie since Men In Black in high quality without needing to pay $14-$21 for a movie ticket.

It’s a brilliant move by Netflix, by director David Ayer, and of course by the man who has been a role model of mine since the 90’s.

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Image from: Official trailer for Bright