September 14, 2017 4 Golden Nuggets with Nick Ehrlich

4 Golden Nuggets with Nick Ehrlich

4 Golden Nuggets is an interview show where I get 4 pieces of insight and advice from incredible people, innovators, game-changers, entrepreneurs, founders, hustlers, marketers, and people on the rise!

Today’s guest is Nick Ehrlich, the founder of LeanLifeRevolution. Lean Life helps clients get into their best shape mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s a program for helping people become better versions of themselves.

Watch this episode to hear about:

1) What got Nick into fitness, health, and nutrition in the first place

2) The biggest reasons why you should take your health seriously

3) The biggest roadblock to making a serious commitment to your fitness

4) Nick’s thoughts on the mental gains of eating a healthy diet

Bonus question: Nick’s words of advice to the person who hasn’t eaten right or exercised in years, decades, or maybe their entire lives

“If you’re not taking your own health, your own body, and your own life seriously—to a certain degree—how are other people supposed to take you seriously?” –Nick Ehlrich

Check out to learn more about how Nick helps people!

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