November 1, 2017 Why I HATED Skydiving, But You Should Try It

Why I HATED Skydiving, But You Should Try It

Skydiving looks like a LOT of fun.

Anytime you see a picture, a video, or a social media post of someone skydiving, they always seem to be having the time of their lives. People all over the world put skydiving at the top of their bucket lists or New Year’s resolutions every year. It’s a fear, an insane risk, and a mind-blowing experience that lots of people want to try before their time on earth comes to an end.

And of that small group of people who have actually gone out and done it, they usually rave about how AMAZING it was to jump out of a plane.

There are a ton of popular blog and social media posts about it. Our friends at Addicted2Success recently published a post about how skydiving can help you live a little, leave fear behind, and be more courageous.

And Will Smith recently did a viral speech about how he faced his fear of skydiving for the first time. In a video that now has racked up millions of views, Will RAVES about how AMAZING it was. He describes jumping out of a plane as “the most blissful experience of your life. You’re flying. . . . It’s bliss.”

I love Will Smith to death. He is one of my favorite celebrities. I love his positive mindset and I consider him a role model. But having skydived for the first time in my life a week ago, I have to DISAGREE with Will on this.

I beg to differ.

I did a tandem dive for the first time ever on October 20th 2017. And if I’m going to be completely honest, I actually HATED skydiving. If you just look at all of the footage and pictures of my jump that day, you would never be able to tell that I didn’t like it. I appear to be having the time of my life. But truth be told, it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be.

It actually wasn’t fun at all.

After watching that Will Smith speech, I went into it expecting to have the best experience of my life. I generally LOVE theme parks, roller coasters, and adrenaline rushes. So I expected an incredibly blissful euphoria.

It wasn’t blissful at all.

The actual sensation of free-fall was uncomfortable, intense, and hardcore—a little bit too hardcore for me.

After a week of reflecting back on the experience, I can definitely say that there were some positives to the experience as well. And I do still encourage those of you who might be considering skydiving to try it, if you are brave enough.

But before you jump out of that plane, I want you to get the full facts and information about what skydiving is REALLY like. So the following are all of the reasons why I HATED jumping out of a plane. Then I’ll end this off by explaining why you should still give this experience a try.

Scheduling Your Skydive Might Be A Struggle

Everyone always anticipates how incredible the experience of jumping out of a moving plane might feel. But rarely ever does anyone consider how much of challenge it actually is to schedule one of these dives.

It can be brutal because the demand for skydiving can be extremely high. So simply booking a time and date to make your jump once you’ve already paid can be quite challenging.

And as you can imagine, skydiving is a very weather-dependent sport. So even after you have booked your dive, you are going to need to watch the weather forecast for that particular day like a hawk. If the weather is rainy, cloudy, or stormy that day—if it is anything but a bright and beautiful day with clear skies—you are going to have to reschedule.

I had to reschedule my skydive two or three times before we successfully made it happen. And there were other divers who I met at the facility who had to reschedule even more times than I did.

So keep in mind, depending on what time of year and what location you choose to do it, setting up your skydive could turn into a scheduling nightmare.

The Waivers That You Sign Beforehand Might Freak You Out

Skydive centers understandably need to protect themselves from costly and unwarranted lawsuits from their customers. So prior to jumping out of that plane, you are going to have sign the most insane contract you will ever sign in your life.

You are literally going to sign your life away!

The waiver that you sign is going to state that neither you nor your family may sue the skydive company for any reason whatsoever. Even if they do make a deadly mistake that winds up taking your life, there is no possibility that you or anyone you know will ever be able to sue them after you sign that contract.

At the center where I skydived, they also had us watch a video where they explained the terms of the contract in the most basic terms possible—just to make sure we got the point.

The Air Up There is Cold

Thirdly, when you actually do jump out of that plane, the air up there at 9000 feet—or 15000 feet depending on where you jump—is FREEZING. That freezing air is going to slap your face at hundreds of miles an hour as you fly towards the ground at uncomfortable speeds.

So keep in mind that even though it might be a gorgeous day on the ground, it ain’t so hot up there at 9,000 feet where you are going to be free-falling. And even if you do bring a sweater or a jacket, you can’t protect your face from all that cold.

The Skydiving Gear Is Painfully Uncomfortable

You know that harness that you wear? The one that keeps you strapped to your instructor and to your parachute as you fly towards the ground?

It is super-tight.

Understandably, your tandem instructor is going to want to keep you safely strapped to his chest. So you’re going to be strapped in an uncomfortably tight harness for the entirety of your dive. And the goggles that protect your eyes from the gusts of air will also be really tightly wrapped around your face.

You’re going to be all strapped up in this uncomfortable gear. But you won’t complain for one second, because that gear will be the only thing saving you from falling to your death!

The Ear-Popping Is Painful

Your ears are going to pop!

Have you ever felt a popping sensation in your ears while riding in an airplane that was either rising into the sky or descending towards the earth? Remember what that popping sensation felt like?

Multiply that times ONE THOUSAND.

That’s what it will feel like as you free-fall towards the ground during your dive. It won’t last for very long, but it can be quite painful.

There is a Feeling of Nausea Stress, Anxiety, and Disorientation When You Land

After watching that Will Smith speech, I expected to feel a powerful euphoria when my feet finally touched the ground—a beautiful rush that would inspire to me to want to go skydiving again.

Instead, all I felt was nausea, stress, anxiety, and disorientation—feelings that persisted for hours after the jump was over.

It’s like my brain knew that I had safely landed on the ground. But my body didn’t. There was a powerful feeling of stress running all through my body that didn’t fully go away until I meditated later on that night.

And there was a strong sensation of nausea and queasiness. But fortunately, I didn’t throw up.

But Here’s Why You Should Try It!

Skydiving is definitely NOT everything that people make it out to be.

Scheduling will be a struggle. The waivers that you sign will scare the hell out of you. And the actual sensation of falling from the sky is nauseating, stressful, painful, and uncomfortable.

In addition to the possibility that you might die, there are a bunch of strong negatives of skydiving that you got consider before you go—negatives that I didn’t know about until I did it myself.

But before you decide that you’re never going to try it, let me explain what the biggest positives were. Because there were definitely some blessings that I can’t ignore.

Naturally, by jumping out of a moving plane from thousands of feet in the sky, you are going to conquer a major fear in your life. By signing that waiver and following through with it, You Will Definitely Gain Confidence in yourself.

You are going to pull massive levels of courage and bravery out of yourself like never before. That experience will change the way you see yourself and the way you carry yourself. That change in your confidence could have a very lasting and positive impact on your life.

Looking out at the landscape from 9,000 or 15,000 feet in the air will also The BEST View That You Will Ever Get In Your Life! I’m a sucker for views, so I can’t say enough about it.

Are you the kind of person who always picks the window-seat on airplanes so you can look out at the gorgeous landscape below you? If that’s you, you are going to LOVE the incredible view that you’ll get as you slowly descend towards the earth after your parachute opens.

You’re also going to have an intense bonding experience with the person or people that you skydive with. Nothing brings people together quite like a near-death-experience. So sharing that experience with friends, family, or your significant other can definitely bring you closer.

During my dive, there was a mother who was skydiving with her children for the first time ever. And I can tell that it definitely brought them closer together as a family. And both my skydiving-date and I shared that nausea, queasiness, and stressful feeling after we landed. We BOTH hated it. So sharing that experience together definitely created a stronger bond between us.

It’s also important to remember that you are going to entrust your life into the hands of a stranger who will safely parachute you to the ground. So for me, trusting my life into the hands of someone I had never met and having him come through for me gave me Greater Faith in Humanity. Seeing how he took great care with getting me safely to the ground instilled me with a stronger trust for my fellow human beings.

And at the end of the day, this is just going to be a Lifelong Memory That You Will Never Forget. I encourage you to pay the extra fee when you jump so that your instructors can shoot a fancy video of your skydive. Because assuming that you probably aren’t going to skydive ever again, this is a memory that you are going to want to keep, remember, and cherish for the rest of your life. Even if you do HATE it like I did, you’ll want to have this recorded in high definition.

So those are all of the reasons why I HATED the sensation of jumping out of a plane from 9,000 feet in the sky. But I do encourage you to try it for yourself. Because you never know. You might actually fall more on the Will Smith side of the spectrum compared to the Bo Muchoki side. You might actually LOVE it and decide you want to do it again.

Everybody’s different. And it could actually feel like pure bliss for you.

If you actually do go skydiving, make sure to shoot me an email about your experience at

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  1. @bomuchoki as an experienced skydiver I can say that what you’ve experienced here is not normal. It sounds like you have ear / sinus issues that were the root cause of not only the painful popping, but the nausea/anxiety etc you felt. I’ve made 1000+ jumps and I’ve had those same issues, but only when I had sinus pressure from a head cold. I also know people who have similar issues to you and could deal with it. Overall I’d say your issues are unique and that most people wouldn’t suffer the same way. Long story short, glad you tried it and shared your experience!

    1. Hi Vince!

      Thanks for the info! That is actually very good to know that the issues may have been caused from sinus pressure from a cold. In that case, I may consider trying this again one day! : )

      Appreciate the comment,

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