December 1, 2017 How To Make It In The Music Industry Part1 POWERFUL ADVICE

How To Make It In The Music Industry Part1 POWERFUL ADVICE

Towards the beginning of 2017, I sought out to make an hour-long video of the BEST advice, tips, inspiration, and motivation on How To Make It In The Music Industry from the biggest heavyweights and juggernauts in the industry.

About a year later, here it is. The finished product. A compilation of the best nuggets of advice I could find from music industry heavyweights on the strategies, habits, and mentalities that made them successful.

My goal for this is that the next Drake, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Beyonce Knowles, or Tupac Shakur will watch this and use it as the foundation to launch themselves to stardom.

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Speakers Featured:

Kid Cudi
P Diddy
50 Cent
Jimmy Iovine
Big K.R.I.T
Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee)
John Legend

All credit for the music goes to We Are All Astronauts and Really Slow Motion.

Songs featured include:

“Ether” by We Are All Astronauts
“Doves” by We Are All Astronauts
“Launch” by Really Slow Motion
“Everdream” by Really Slow Motion

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Edited by Bo Muchoki

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