February 22, 2018 Will Smith – STOP Your Aggravation Addiction Speech

Will Smith – STOP Your Aggravation Addiction Speech

Will Smith delivered another thoughtful, insightful, and POWERFUL Instagram speech on February 11th 2018 on the human mind’s tendency to get addicted to information and people that disturb, irritate, aggravate, or irritate you. He says the antidote to the aggravation is finding a quite spot to be alone and still. 

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“I felt this crazy urge like I couldn’t stop myself from going to turn the news on….Then I realized, my mind was seeking disturbance. ‘It’s too peaceful. I need to be disrupted and aggravated.'” -Will Smith

 “I realized, we actually have to cultivate a taste for peace.” -Will Smith 

“We are actually addicted to things that agitate and aggravate us….What happens is, we actually get addicted to the argument. We’re addicted to the aggravation. We’re addicted to the agitation.” -Will Smith 

“So just for the day, let’s be quiet. Let’s be still. Let’s be alone.” -Will Smith 

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