February 26, 2018 Michael B. Jordan WORKOUT MOTIVATION Speech

Michael B. Jordan WORKOUT MOTIVATION Speech

Black Panther, Creed, Fruitvale Station, & The Wire actor Michael B. Jordan posted an INCREDIBLE speech during a late-night 1am workout this past Saturday the 24th on his Instagram Stories.

I wanted to edit together the whole speech before it disappears and publish it for you guys.

So here it is.

Michael B. talks about using pain as motivation, seeing results from your efforts, striving to become the BEST version of yourself, putting in work when everyone else is out partying on a Saturday night, and running your own race. And he gives us a look into his late-night meal-prep for the week.

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Transcript of the speech:

“Workout number 3 today. When you’re hurting and in pain from more reasons than one, try to use it as motivation the best you can.
It’s still gonna hurt. Ain’t going to be easy.
Just know that you’re doing it to better yourself.
Ain’t nobody going to do it for you. So you got to put the time in. Put the effort in.
Trust me, you’re going to see the results physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Trust me, let me be the example. You’re going to see the results, all around.
Best version of yourself.
That’s what you’re striving for.
The BEST version of yourself. Keep that in mind.” Michael B. Jordan

“It’s Saturday. Everybody’s out having a good time, drinking.
But don’t worry about what everybody else is doing.
Worry about you. You’re on your own journey. You’re on your own path.
Don’t compare yourself to nobody. Don’t measure yourself to nobody else.

Continue to run your race ya’ll. I’m proud of ya’ll. Keep pushing.” – Michael B. Jordan

“It’s been real hard for me to sleep lately. But in the meantime, I’m meal-prepping the hell out of some healthy snacks. We gon’ be good.

Eat good. Pray. Work. Sleep.” -Michael B. Jordan

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