March 2, 2018 Discipline Your Mind By Will Smith FULL SPEECH

Discipline Your Mind By Will Smith FULL SPEECH

Again, masterful speaker Will Smith delivered a DOOZY of a speech tonight (March 2nd 2018) about achieving your dreams by winning the war against your mind. He says success is about self-discipline. You have to discipline your mind and choose to do things that are in your best interest to get to success.

“Dude, screamed to me the other night ‘Ay Will I want to be an actor! I want to be an actor! Just like you!’
…I was just sitting here thinking and it dawned on me, 99% of people who say stuff like that are NOT willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.” – Will Smith

“The Marines have a saying: ‘Everyone wants to get to heaven. But nobody wants to die.’
And that’s just real.”
– Will Smith

“At the center of bringing any dream into fruition is Self-Discipline.”
– Will Smith

“It’s about your mind. It’s getting command of your mind to be able to choose actions that are in your own best interest.” – Will Smith

“Everyday, we are choosing sh*t that is not in our own best interest.
So if the world is attacking you, the world wants to fight you, and the world’s trying to hold you down, you’re going to kick yourself in the balls??
You’re going to stop yourself from getting what you dream?”
– Will Smith

“Self-Discipline is the center of all material success.” -Will Smith

“You cannot win the war against the world, if you can’t win the war against your own mind.” -Will Smith

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