March 13, 2018 Kevin Hart DON’T BE CONTENT Speech

Kevin Hart DON’T BE CONTENT Speech

On February 8th 2018, Kevin Hart shared a speech on his Instagram Stories that I wanted to capture and share with you all.

In this video, He talks about walking out of a business meeting with this incredible feeling of becoming a brand, business, and enterprise, rather than just a comedian. And he encourages people to strive for their own success with a mentality of never getting content!

“There’s moments when you walk out of situations with a different level of confidence.” -Kevin Hart

“I love the fact that this plan is coming together.” -Kevin Hart

“It’s bigger than just being an actor. It’s bigger than just being an entertainer. It’s about becoming a brand, becoming a business, becoming an enterprise.
It is happening people. God is so good.” -Kevin Hart

“One piece of advice that I will give everybody: just DON’T BE CONTENT. The sky is so the limit. It’s the LIMIT!” -Kevin Hart

“What you want you can get. You just gotta believe it.” -Kevin Hart

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