March 16, 2018 WHATEVER IT TAKES Ft. Eric Thomas & John Assaraf MOTIVATION


WHATEVER IT TAKES is about building the discipline and willingness to pay the price for your dreams.

“If you’re interested, you’ll come up with stories, excuses, reasons, and circumstances why you can’t or why you won’t. If you’re committed, those go out the window and you just do Whatever It Takes.” -John Assaraf

Are you interested?

Or are you committed?

Are you willing to do Whatever It Takes?

Speakers Featured:

John Assaraf
Eric Thomas

Make sure to watch John Assaraf’s full interview on Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness (

While I was editing this video together in December of 2017, the Los Angeles Lakers retired Kobe Bryant’s numbers. So in honor of Kobe’s legendary career, I used lots of footage of the Black Mamba.

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And until the next video, don’t forget to Do Whatever It Takes for your happiness, health, passion, and purpose.