April 2, 2018 Will Smith MANAGE YOUR MIND Advice

Will Smith MANAGE YOUR MIND Advice

In this video actor, rapper, philanthropist, and motivator Will Smith speaks on facing fear!

This footage came from his Instagram and Vlog posts in March 2018.

Will Smith drops his wisdom here on confronting his lifelong fear of the ocean as he heads into this 50th birthday. He teaches the viewers about managing negative thoughts and emotions that could poison your progress.

“I hear parents say to kids:
‘Don’t be scared’
No! Be scared!
It’s not about not being scared. It’s about doing it even though you’re scared!” -Will Smith

“It’s okay to be scared. It’s smart to be scared. Just DO IT anyway!”-Will Smith

“The ocean is my worst fear.” -Will Smith

“My 50th birthday is this year. I just wasn’t going into that part of my life without having attacked my fear of the ocean.” -Will Smith

“The question is, can you Manage Your Mind?

Can you manage the thoughts and the emotions that are trying to poison your progress?

Forget managing the situation. Manage Your Mind.

Training your mind to sit calmly in the eye of the storm.” -Will Smith

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