May 30, 2018 What Lil Tay’s Fame Says About Our Society

What Lil Tay’s Fame Says About Our Society

Lil Tay is a 9-year-old social media influencer who has quickly attracted over 2 million Instagram followers and over 200,000 YouTube subscribers since the beginning of 2018!

I’m Bo Muchoki and these are my thoughts on What Lil Tay’s Fame Says About Our Society

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Key points I made in this video:

-Rap Culture Has Reached Its Breaking Point

-Controversy Attracts More Attention than Almost Anything Else

-Anybody, anywhere can leave their 9-to-5 or leave school behind to build a massively popular career on social media, even a 9-year-old

-Some will use this power to become a negative influence

-You should use this power to make a positive impact

-There is only ONE way that we can save Lil Tay. She needs to use her platform to inspire, motivate the youth, and spread positivity

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This video is intended for educational purpose only. All rights to the pictures of Lil Tay belong to the Lil Tay team.