August 29, 2018 Miguel Vs. Fatty Koo – 5 Lessons Learned

Miguel Vs. Fatty Koo – 5 Lessons Learned

A couple weeks ago, a 13-year-old clip of now globally successful R&B superstar Miguel getting cut from a group called Fatty Koo and harshly criticized by its members went viral on social media.
This footage has been blowing minds because Fatty Koo, as a group, no longer makes any music. But Miguel is a globally-known grammy-winner with 4 studio albums under his belt.
These are 5 Lessons we can learn from watching this footage of a massively success singer face failure early on in his career and from the backlash Fatty Koo has been facing for this:
1) The Internet NEVER Forgets
2) Be Careful What You Say & Do Online
3) Don’t Let Someone’s Opinion Become Your Reality
4) Failure Breeds Success
5) Mindset is EVERYTHING
Speaker: Bo Muchoki
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Watch the entire episode 5 of Blowin’ Up Fatty Koo (the television show where this took place) here:
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