September 25, 2018 Trevor Noah- Hard Work & Success Speech

Trevor Noah- Hard Work & Success Speech

This is a clip from a recent interview Trevor Noah did with the Wall Street Journal where he talks about the relationship between hard work and success, how finding the crosspoint between his passion and talent motivates him to hustle hard, and gratitude.
“Hard work cannot be separated from success.” -Trevor Noah
“Hard work and sustained success go hand-in-hand.” -Trevor Noah
“As people, we often work hard at the thing we are not good at. That is sometimes an energy that gets lost.” -Trevor Noah
“I work hard on what I love doing and what I’m good at. I’d rather focus on that. That way, most days don’t feel like work. Most challenges don’t feel like obstacles. And most successes feel like a reward for doing what I believe I was meant to do.” -Trevor Noah
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