October 3, 2018 How Drake Rapped with His Father’s Cellmate

How Drake Rapped with His Father’s Cellmate

Imagine if you were locked up behind bars and you rapped over the phone with your cellmate’s son because you had no one else to talk to. Then one day, that little boy grew up to become the most dominant rapper and singer in the world.
Crazy story right?
Well, that’s exactly what happened with Drake and his father’s cell-mate during his younger years while his father was locked up.
Drake was that little boy.
This is a clip from an interview Drake did 5 years ago in 2013 with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, shortly after “Nothing Was The Same” came out, where Drake describes honing his rap abilities by rhyming back and forth with his father’s cellmate, a rapper named Poverty.
In this interview, Drake said he doesn’t know where Poverty is today. But I’m sure he would SUPER-proud if he could see how Drake turned out.
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