October 17, 2018 The Mental Drawbacks of Fame

The Mental Drawbacks of Fame

In light of Mac Miller’s passing on September 7th this year from a drug overdose, I wanted to post a video about the Mental Drawbacks of Fame—all of the negative mental health consequences of being famous that people don’t often talk about.

Fame is something that we really glorify in our society. So this negative side of fame and fortune is an aspect that we should definitely talk about more often.

I ended this video on a positive note with 2 actions you can personally take to avoid this problem in your own life:

1) Don’t Aim to Be Famous for Fame’s Sake

2) Find Your Happiness First. Then Use Your Happiness as Motivation

Speaker: Bo Muchoki
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CORRECTION: In this video, I said that roughly 25% of people in the United States are using illicit drugs on a regular basis. I meant to say that roughly 25 million (24.6 million) people aged 12 or older, 9.4% of the population, admitted to having used an illicit drug in the past month according to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

And according to data from 2015, 70.1% of adults reported to having drank alcohol in the past year.

These are my sources: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/nationwide-trends

Follow these links to watch that 2015 Mac Miller interview with Larry King that I referenced a couple times in this video:


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