December 9, 2018 Will Smith’s Definition of Love – Speech

Will Smith’s Definition of Love – Speech

Will Smith has been motivating the masses a lot this year. And he is back at it AGAIN in December with a speech about his definition of what Love really is and what Love really means.

As always, it is spot-on, truthful, moving, inspiring, and real.

Watch the full speech here! And you read the full transcript of the speech below!

“At its core, I think Love is help. Everybody is having a hard time. So Love is, really, devotion to their struggle. It’s when you’re committed to helping somebody with their life, helping them to suffer less. Helping them to manage their minds and their emotions.
Love is a deep desire for our loved ones growth and their blossoming and their all-around well-being.
When you love somebody, you want them to feel good. You want them to be happy. And you want to see them succeed in life.
Love really demands an in-depth understanding of their hopes, dreams, fears, their needs, and trauma.
Love is giving and sharing our gifts for the purpose of nurturing them and empowering them and helping them to create their greatest joys.” – Will Smith

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