February 12, 2019 Are You Open to Being Wrong?

Are You Open to Being Wrong?

It was not that long ago that people generally thought the earth was flat, that it was impossible for human beings to fly, or that it was impossible for a human to run a sub-4-minute mile.
Throughout history, we have constantly proved ourselves wrong over and over again.
My question for you is: What are you wrong about right now?
What false assumptions or beliefs are you living by? Are You Open to Being Wrong?
It is SO IMPORTANT to remain open to the possibility, that you might be wrong.
It is only by being open-minded, and by accepting that you can’t possibly be right about everything, that you can challenge your wrong limiting beliefs. And use that new information to rise to the next level.
Watch this quick video to learn some ways to challenge your wrong, limiting, and negative beliefs and assumptions.
Looking to read a full book on open-mindedness and brutal honesty?
I recommend “Principles” by Ray Dalio (https://amzn.to/2BsPRW8)
“Principles” is a PHENOMENAL book by the multi-billionaire founder of Bridgewater associates about the principles that govern his life and business. And one of those principles is brutal honesty and open-mindedness.
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