February 13, 2019 Run at Top Speed with Eric Hitt

Run at Top Speed with Eric Hitt

Eric Hitt is a motivator whom I first met as we were standing in line next to each other at a concession stand for an event where Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Robert Herjavec were all speaking.

Eric and I went from randomly meeting each other to now collaborating on amazing content!

Watch this video to hear Eric’s positive words about how you should always be striving to run at your maximum speed in life.

Spoken by: Eric Hitt

“Every single decision you have ever made has gotten you to exactly where you are now.” -Eric Hitt

“Do we go Top Speed to get to what we want to get? Or are we running on low gear?” -Eric Hitt

“We need to run at our maximum possible power, to have the maximum version of life.”-Eric Hitt

You can reach out to Eric at:
@EricBHitt (Facebook)

Edited by Bo Muchoki
(@BoMuchoki on Twitter & Instagram)

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