April 9, 2019 The Only Guarantee by Bo Muchoki (Original Song)

The Only Guarantee by Bo Muchoki (Original Song)

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About the song:

The Only Guarantee is an epic, intense, uplifting, positive, and motivational song where I, Bo Muchoki, rap about the only thing you are ever guaranteed in this life: yourself. Your effort. Your work. Your energy. Your hustle. What you bring to the table.

Play this song everyday: while you’re working out at the gym, while you’re pushing through work at the office, while on the way to or from work, whenever you feel down, whenever you are pushing through tough times, or whenever you need to hear something uplifting. Play this whenever!

The Only Guarantee was originally a motivational speech I published here on this YouTube channel that inspired myself and the producer Joe Hartnett to create a full song about the same concept.

Joe Hartnett, an extremely talented producer and composer, produced the instrumental. You can contact Joe at: Joe@joehartnett.com

This song was recorded the song at BlueRoom Studios in Bethesda, Maryland. Learn more about the BlueRoom recording studio here: https://blueroommusicstudio.com/

The cover art was designed by Matt Shell and his team. You can contact Matt Shell at mshellmusic@gmail.com.

Bo Muchoki is a motivational content creator who writes self-improvement books, makes uplifting music, and creates inspiring social media content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. He is also an aspiring screenwriter.

“Nothing fulfills me more than this. Because motivational content saved me when I was at the lowest points in my life. Now I want to offer others that same gift.”

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