April 24, 2019 Will Smith – Effortless Manifestation 2019 Speech

Will Smith – Effortless Manifestation 2019 Speech

Will Smith dropped another powerful & insightful speech on Instagram on April 11th 2019. So I wanted to share that with you all on YouTube & Facebook.

This one is about Effortless Manifestation, about trusting and surrendering to what that the universe has in store for you, as opposed to trying to impose your will on the world.

“My word for this year was ‘Surrender.’ ” – Will Smith

“The idea of Surrender, getting my will in sync with the universal will versus trying to impose my will on reality.” -Will Smith

“Opportunity is abundant, always flowing, always coming your way. You just got to be able to see it.”-Will Smith

Will’s original caption from IG:
I’ve been practicing what I call Effortless Manifestation. Trusting & Surrendering. I’m learning how to Be Still, Be Quiet & Pay Attention! I’m learning to Harness the Power of Flowing with the Great River rather than Fighting the Truth. 📹: @westbrook @vannucci_fy

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