June 26, 2019 5 Steps to Loving Yourself 100% – Motivational Video

5 Steps to Loving Yourself 100% – Motivational Video

Watch this video to hear motivator, content creator, and leader Preston Smiles explain 5 different steps to creating unshakable self-love!

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Speaker: Preston Smiles
(@PrestonSmiles on Instagram & Twitter)

Visuals edited by Bo Muchoki
(@BoMuchoki on Instagram & Twitter)

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“You are the author of the script that you are living.” -Preston Smiles

“Follow your Bliss. Do what makes you happy. Follow that heart of yours.” -Preston Smiles

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” -Preston Smiles

“When you take responsibility for everything that is happening in your life, nobody else has your power.” -Preston Smiles

“Celebrate everything.” -Preston Smiles

“Say the words and do the actions that are in alignment with the life you’re calling in.” -Preston Smiles

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