September 25, 2019 Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – Book Review – PURSUE PASSION Over Money

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – Book Review – PURSUE PASSION Over Money

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For this episode of Bo’s Book Reviews, I walk you through all of the key insights from one of the best memoirs and one of my favorite books I’ve ever read: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (the founder of Nike)

This is a memoir about the journey that Phil Knight and his team went through to make their shoe company, Nike, a reality and change the world by doing so.

Watch this to learn how:

-Phil Knight prioritized passion, purpose, and meaning over money
-He used his intuition to guide his decisions
-Huge failures motivated Phil and fueled his success
-Phil did whatever it takes with any resources he had available to make progress on his dream
-Phil realized that all he and everybody else was ever chasing is oneness and connection. He was able to find that connection with Nike.


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