December 16, 2017

Why HBO’s “The Defiant Ones” is a MUST-Watch

Would the music industry be even remotely the same if N.W.A, Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eminem, U2, Nine Inch Nails, Bruce Springsteen, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, and The Black Eyed Peas didn’t succeed as they did? Would the music industry, the headphone industry, and the speaker industry really be anywhere close to what it is […]

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August 11, 2017

What I Learned From the Greatest Live Comedy Show Ever

Last Saturday August the 5th, I was fortunate enough to be present for the greatest comedic lineup ever assembled. Kevin Hart. Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle has taken over Radio City Hall for this entire month of August, performing alongside the likes of Childish Gambino, Ice Cube, Common, The Roots, Lil Wayne, Usher, Trevor […]

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July 25, 2017

Why “Bright” Will Be Will Smith’s Best Movie in 20 Years

I still remember when I first saw Men In Black. It was 1997. I was 8-years-old. And I remember being completely blown away by the combination of the originality of the concept, the special effects, the action, the story, and Will Smith’s sense of humor. Coming off the heels of Bad Boys and Independence Day, […]

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July 17, 2017

Why “Homecoming King” is Netflix’s Best Comedy Special

Comedian Hasan Minhaj is on a winning streak. He has been a Senior Correspondent for The Daily Show since 2014. He recently delivered the most hilarious White House Correspondent’s in recent memory. And his new Netflix special, Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King, is the best standup comedy that Netflix has to offer. Don’t get me wrong. […]

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June 12, 2017

Why Black Panther Will Be The Best Movie Of 2018

It was Friday, June 9th, 2017. Lebron James’ Cavaliers were taking on Kevin Durant’s Golden State Warriors in an epic NBA Finals match-up. Just like the 2016 Finals, Lebron James and Kyrie Irving were orchestrating an EPIC comeback from a devastating 3-0 deficit—a series that was going to be a blowout. All eyes were supposed […]

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May 13, 2017

Bo’s Book Reviews- Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

This is Episode 2 of Bo’s Book Reviews Today’s book is Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is a Life-coach, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a force of nature. Even though Tony published this book way back in 1987, it is still as relevant and as valuable as ever for anyone who wants more growth, […]

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