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Take Full Responsibility with Eric Thomas & Jim Rohn – Motivational Video

In this one, Jim Rohn and Eric Thomas talk about the POWER of taking full responsibility for your situation, results, and your life. Put some headphones on for a best possible viewing experience. Edited by Bo Muchoki ( Speakers: Jim Rohn Eric Thomas (@etthehiphoppreacher on Instagram & @Ericthomasbtc on Twitter) Song: When It All Falls […]

Take 100% Ownership with Eric Thomas – Motivational Video

In this epic motivation video, Eric Thomas explains the power of taking 100% ownership and responsibility of your results and your situation in life. “The minute you start pointing the finger, you lose power immediately.” – Eric Thomas Edited by Bo Muchoki ( Speakers: Eric Thomas (@etthehiphoppreacher on Instagram & @Ericthomasbtc on Twitter) Song: Beyond […]

Their Fault. YOUR Responsibility with Will Smith & Gary Vee

This video is about taking responsibility for your happiness, success, and your life-situation. When you blame others, you give away your power and you become a victim who is at effect to bad things happening to you. But when you Take Responsibility, you now have the power to take charge, take control, and create a […]

No Regrets by Bo Muchoki (Motivation Music)

No Regrets is an epic, intense, and high energy track about striving to live your life with No Regrets—pursuing every goal and dream that you truly desire before your time on earth is over. It’s about living your full potential, doing all of the things that you were put on this earth to do, saying […]

Everything Is Because of Me – SPEECH by Will Smith on Taking Responsibility

Another amazing Will Smith speech on the power of taking full responsibility and ownership of everything in your life, the good and the bad. Make sure to like, comment, share, subscribe, and follow if this resonates with you. I do not own the copyrights to the footage used in this video. All credit for this […]

USE YOUR PAIN Ft. David Goggins & Eric Thomas – Motivational Video

This video is about using your pain, struggle, hardship, and setbacks as motivation & fuel for your growth and forward advancement. Edited by Bo Muchoki ( Speakers: David Goggins (@DavidGoggins on Twitter and Instagram) Bo Muchoki (@BoMuchoki on Twitter, TikTok, & Instagram) Eric Thomas (@etthehiphoppreacher on Instagram & @Ericthomasbtc on Twitter) Original music by Joe […]

Instagram is Making a HUGE Mistake by Hiding Likes (and so is Facebook) – Video

Yesterday Instagram announced that they are moving forward with making likes invisible (to anyone but the owner of each IG account) in the USA starting this week! And Facebook has announced that they are considering doing the same thing. This video explains why I believe Instagram is making a HUGE mistake with this decision. By […]

The Hardest Choice is the BEST Choice! – 1 Minute of Motivation!

Watch this to hear me explain within 1 minute why the hardest possible options in your life are usually also the best choices. And the easiest options are usually also the worst. Choose the hardest thing and GO FOR IT! Speaker: Bo Muchoki (@BoMuchoki on Instagram, TikTok, & Twitter) For more motivation, subscribe to our Whatever […]

Why You Should STOP Saying “Man Up” – with Stefanos Sifandos Motivational Speech

Watch this video to hear Stefanos Sifandos deliver a message for all men and the ladies who love them: STOP saying “Man Up” Make sure to share this to your fathers, sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, all the men in your life, and anybody else who needs to hear this. This is why “Manning Up” will […]

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