May 19, 2016 The Lurker Vs. The Hunter Mentality & Why You Should Be A Hunter 

The Lurker Vs. The Hunter Mentality & Why You Should Be A Hunter 

“When I first began my speaking career, I had a Lurker’s Mentality. I waited for the opportunities I dreamed of having. This mindset almost destroyed my career. We’ve all been there at some point in life. But before we can change it, we must first acknowledge those areas in our life where the Lurker’s mentality exist.” –Dr. Eric Thomas

Are you waiting for your next big opportunity to arrive? Or are you actively working hard to seek out or create that vision that you’ve been dreaming about?

Are you waiting for your boss to offer you a promotion? Or are you taking action, going the extra mile, creating more value, and working extra hard to distinguish yourself as the team member that deserves that upcoming promotion?

Are you waiting to go to the next level as a speaker, entertainer, student, manager, entrepreneur, sales executive, real estate agent, teacher, or writer? Or are you taking drastic action, working overtime, strategizing about your next move, and reaching out the connections that can help you move forward?

Are you waiting for the man or woman of your dreams to show up in your life? Or are you taking the necessary steps to develop yourself into an attractive match for your dream partner?

Are you a Lurker? Or are you a Hunter? Are you a sheep or a lion?

Are you waiting for your next opportunity to arrive? Or are you actively doing Whatever It Takes to hunt that opportunity down before it’s too late?

The Lurker’s Mentality is what happens to us when we get complacent—when we become comfortable with where we are, so searching for better opportunities is no longer a must for us. When searching for new opportunities is not a must—when you don’t “want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe”—you operate out of a mindset of waiting for your next big break to show up in your life rather than actively seeking it out.

People who operate out of the Lurker’s Mentality want to be successful—we all do to some extent—but they are NOT willing to do Whatever It Takes to manifest their greatness. Rather than hunting down their next big break, The Lurkers are waiting for their next customer, employer, client, mentor, or employer to give them a call or send them an email.

Lurkers wait for the phone to ring. Hunters are smiling and dialing for as many calls as it takes to create their next big opportunity.

The Lurker’s Mentality is something that we have all been guilty of at different points in our lives. But no matter how long you’ve been stuck in that Lurker mind-frame, you have got to make a decision to Quit Lurking. And embrace the mindset, motivation, work ethic, discipline, and initiative of a Hunter.

Because being a Lurker in life will never serve you.

If you’re waiting for your next big opportunity to arrive, it’s never going to come.

Great opportunities don’t come to those who wait. Great things come to those who work, push, hustle, and grind. Great things come to the Hunters, Lions, and proactive hustlers that aren’t willing to settle.

Good opportunities, breaks, and advantages do actually come to those who wait—every now and then. But great opportunities—once-in-a-lifetime phenomenal opportunities that most only ever dream of—NEVER arrive for those who aren’t hungry enough to hunt them down. So if you’re waiting to cash in on your luck, all of the best opportunities out there are going to pass you by.

“The biggest challenge that Lurkers have that a successful Hunter wouldn’t is that Lurkers are at the mercy of whatever the competition has left behind.” –Dr. Eric Thomas

The greatest favor you could ever do for yourself is to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Let go of the complacency. And push yourself to hunt down those opportunities that you’ve been dreaming about.

You’ll never win that phenomenal record deal, book deal, promotion, job opportunity, client, sale, or customer unless you take initiative, step up, and do your part to make it happen.

Great things don’t come to those who wait. Great things only come to those who hustle.

So if you can take one thing from this blog post, it should be: START TODAY. Start working towards making your big vision real TODAY. Don’t Lurk for opportunities because you don’t have it all figured out. Start with something small TODAY.

You don’t have to accomplish everything all at once. Figure out what you have to do to get where you want to go. And start taking small little steps everyday.

If your dream is to get published, start writing outlines, doing research, and writing a single page per day. If you’re looking to get hired, do one job application, go to a networking event, or call a connection that can help you move forward. If you’re looking to lose weight, take a simple walk or a jog around your neighborhood. Or if you’re looking to launch a new career, simply read ten pages of a self-development book on your topic of interest.

Do what you can TODAY. Because Lurking in life will never serve you. Great things only come to those who Do Whatever It Takes.

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*All credit goes to Dr. Eric Thomas for the Lurker Vs. Hunter Mentalities concept!

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